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Darfur Tragedy Continues Unabated

The Darfur situation has been the subject of hundreds of articles, thousands of cries for peace and expressions of dismay by concerned people in the world, but the situation has not improved one iota. The latest manifestation of lack of interest in the welfare of the people of Darfur has emerged in fighting around the Abyei region where thousands of new Darfurians have been displaced or killed due to fighting between government forces from the north and rebels from the south. The object of their dispute is the 500,000 barrel-a-day oil pouring from the Abyei area and each side seeks to control this enormous source of wealth. Of course, neither north nor south cares about the people living over this treasure since they are simply irritations which must be removed in order to gain access to the oil. A Sudan expert, John Ashworth notes: “I would be very surprised if the fighting has gone away. everybody recognizes Abyei as one of the most flammable flash points of the many which are likely to derail the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA).”

As refugees who got away without being killed clustered around a UN camp, Anne Marie Ask commented: “They will be here until it is safe and secure. It will be some time.” The fighting over oil will go on and on as the innocent victims of this dispute linger in refugee camps. It is quite clear the thirst for oil is all that counts in Darfur.

Syria And Iran Aiding Iraq Terrorists

A Pentagon report asserts Syria and Iran are providing assistance to those engaged in fighting in Iraq. About 90% of foreign fighters who are in Iraq crossed over from Syria and Iran is actively engaged in supplying military materials to Shiite militants. As those pressures impact the situation in Iraq, its own government is hampered by corruption and an inability to provide basic services to its people. The Pentagon report asserts Iran’s Revolutionary Gaurds still provide extensive military equipment to Shiite forces. Tehran insists it is merely providing aid requested by the Iraq government, but there is extensive evidence it is also aiding its fellow Shiites in their struggle against the government.

The report notes government corruption, a failed judicial and prison system, together with inability to provide services like electricity, are hampering efforts to restore law and order to the country. Auditors told Congress the Iraqi government isn’t even spending money obtained through sale of oil. The United States government is running a $400 billion deficit while the nation it is aiding has billions in surplus.

Supporters of the Bush policy of continuing the fight in Iraq refuse to confront basic issues of competency which hamper any American effort in Iraq. Until the Iraq government begins to function in an effective manner, the American military effort will fail to end militancy in the country.