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First TEA Party, Now UK Pensioners After Obma

These are not good days for President Obama. On one hand, Republicans, FOX News, the Tea Party and every right wing kook in the media is blasting him for failure to end the oil spill, on the other hand, financial experts and old people in the United Kingdom are blasting him for being nasty to poor old BP, a company which is beloved by investors in England. The stock price of BP shares has dropped at least 40% in value which undoubtedly angers those who invested their money in what they considered to be a “safe” company. As the president tells Americans he is seeking an ass to kick, British financial experts are furious that his foot is pointed in the direction of Great Britain. Mark Dampier of the financial company, Hargreaves, blasted President Obama for “playing to the gallery” which “does not bring a solution any closer. Obama has his foot on the throat of British pensioners. There is no point in bashing BP all the time. It’s not helpful,” and, by golly, it sure hurts dividends being paid out.

In addition to losing share worth, BP will have to pay to the American people about $20 to $40 billion to cover the cost of their stupidity. President Obama was more than helpful to BP. He gave them weeks, then months to clean up their mistake but all the incompetents could do was make things worse. They are lucky if they only get a kick in the ass.

Sorry, pensioners, don’t look across the Atlantic for the cause of your financial woes, look toward London.

Department Of Common Sense Needed For Oil Spill

The conservative mantra in the United States is finding a way to prevent the American government from doing anything because government is the problem, not the business community. Of course, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who is a darling of the conservative right is now blasting the Federal government for failure to act because it is impossible for state governments to deal with the oil spill. However, there is a local official who believes the problem stems from too much bureaucracy and too little creative thinking. P.J. Hahn, director of management for Plaquemines parish in Louisiana is convinced there are solutions to the problem, but no one will listen. “If I was king, I would have two offices, the department of thinking outside the box and the department of common sense.” He is proposing constructing twenty miles of berms –man made ridge barriers–which would allow oil to wash ashore them and then be readily handled. It would cost about $240,000,000 and be accomplished in a month.

We are not experts on oil removal, but this might be the type of creative thinking which is absent when any bureaucrat assumes responsibility for solving a problem. The Tea Party has never figured out that the problem is NOT the federal government, it is ALL GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS at all levels of government.

Who Caused The Oil Leak?

After considerable reflection, it is time for me to finally reveal the real secret of the giant oil leak which has been spreading over the Gulf of Mexico. I realize some will blame BP or Transocean or the ever available Halliburton, but these companies are innocent of any wrong-doing. Fox News has yet to reveal the truth about the oil spill, but expect their story to shortly emerge. The fault was, as always, BARACK OBAMA! Once you elect one of those black folk as president it raises questions about how someone born in Africa could effectively run this advanced industrial society. Barack was on one of his nightly visits to the rig when he decided to light up a cigarette(he just can’t break the habit) and threw away the match. The match was still lit and caught fire when it hit some papers. From that point the flames hit oil, unleashed a firestorm and the rest is history. Of course, the president was flown out of the doomed rig as part of a CIA cover-up operation.

Naturally, the LIBERAL MEDIA is attempting to cast blame on our wonderful oil companies who risk their lives and those of their workers in order to provide low cost gas to Americans. They are as innocent as was George Bush when he invaded Iraq. There WERE WMD and George was right, but liberals secreted away the WMD in order to make Bush look foolish.

If you want to avoid oil spills, elect Ron Paul, a man who understands that America can only be saved in business organizations are allowed to do as they damn well please.

Water,Water, Everywhere And So Is The Oil!

The ongoing saga of the Obama administration which appears to encounter every example of tragedy and disaster that once impacted George Bush’s time in office continues with the nonstop flow of oil headed for the shoreline of Louisiana. The explosion on a BP oil rig has sent untold gallons of oil every onward creating one of the most unusual human made disasters in history. Republicans are right on target by denouncing the Obama administration for its inaction. Let me get this straight. Republicans insist the US–in the words of Sarah Palin–should drill, drill, drill for oil off the coast of the United States and now they are denouncing Obama for drilling off the coast of the US.

One can only wonder what the energy expert, Sarah Palin, deduces from this disaster. Does it mean we should think carefully before expanding offshore drilling? Methinks Sarah knows as much about energy conservation as she does about nuclear weapons or economic needs for a modern society.

Pouring Oil On The Problem

George Bush had his Hurricane Katrina and Barack Obama has his oil slick heading for the Louisiana shoreline. Bush was blasted for his inaction during early stages of the Hurricane and Obama is being criticized for the slow response when oil began leaving an oil rig ad a dozen men were killed in an explosion. Hurricane Katrina caused enormous damage to the city of New Orleans and oil is not only damaging one spot in Louisiana but holds the potential to damage hundreds of miles of shoreline. Ironically, the incident occurred just a week after President Obama, in order to placate conservative Republicans, announced his support for more drilling in waters off the coast of the United States.

The oil spill is an ecological disaster, but failure to work on a non-oil based economy is the real issue. Instead of developing non-oil products, Obama once again caves in to forces of Neanderthal thinking who refuse to think in terms of long term goals. Hopefully, this tragedy can awake Americans to the need to end dependance on oil and create and economy in which oil is not the base of our energy resources.