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CIA Tried Recruiting Former Swedish Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister Olaf Palme was actively recruited in his youth by representatives of the American CIA. Although he spurned their efforts, Palme coopeerated with officials from the CIA and the US Embassy. Ingemar Engman, a former member of Sweden’s secret military intelligence service, said “Olaf Palme’s cooperation with the Americans and the CIA was well known through the military intelligence service.” Palme most actively cooperated when he was a student activist attempting to build up non-Communist youth organizations. He also kept Sweden’s intelligence up-to-date on his trips behind the Iron Curtain whre he worked with youth groups.

Olaf Palme was a man of integrity so it is surprising to learn that at one point in his life, the former Swedish leader cooperated with secret intelligence. A problem is having such stories become public is they generate cynicism among young people that all leaders work with the CIA and much goes on behind the curtains of secrecy that enger a sense of distruct in the minds of our youth.