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Israel Extrmists Oppose Halting Wst Bank Building

Israeli MK Arye Eldad of the National Union-National Religious Party blasted Prime Minister Olmert’s order to halt further housing construction on the West Bank. He told West Bank residents who wanted to continue building new housing “to violate the law and build.” Eldad, who plans on organizing a new right wing secular party, termed Olmert’s action an “immoral and anti-Zionist order” that must be opposed. He blamed the housing restrictions on American influence and claimed that President Bush “is leading us to catastrophe.” He did praise the president for opposing terrorism, but felt his statements reflected that he was “disconnected from reality.”

Halting housing construction on the West Bank is a vital piece in any peace plan. The West Bank was never part of the original Israeli nation created by the United Nations and it was always intended to become an area in which Arabs lived. It is somewhat ironic that President Bush who has continually displayed a lack of reality in Iraq is now being charged with having the same mentality in dealing with the Palestinian-Israel conflict.