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Is Olympic Committee Certain About Rio de Janeiro?

President Barack Obama rushed to Copenhagen in an effort to persuade the Olympic Committee to select his beloved Chicago, home of the always losing Chicago Cubs and birthplace to numerous gangs. However, the committee made Rio de Janeiro its choice without considering who exactly is currently inhabiting parts of that city. Over the past weekend, the police and drug gangs engaged in open war which left 12 dead and a police helicopter shot down. The clash between police and drug gangs left parts of the city looking like it was a left over scene from a movie about Iraq. Governor Sergio Cabrai admitted ending violence in his city can’t be cured “by magic in the short term.” He promised the Olympic Committee that 40,000 police and soldiers would be on the streets of Rio when the games begin.

I am not so much worried about what will be done to cure violence in the long run, but in the short run, thousands of athletes and tourists will be entering Rio in search of games and peace of mind. Unfortunately, the decent people of Rio have the reputation of being among the most violent cities in the world. Just wait until someone loses a close race– will bullets or merely words fly?