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Taliban Leader Claims No Threat To Anyone

The reclusive leader of the Afghanistan Taliban said his forces did not pose any threat to other nations of the world, but were merely trying to defend themselves against an invading force. Mullah Omar, who was never captured during the initial invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, exclaimed: “We are not a threat to other countries. But, we have to use our rights when our country is occupied by foreign forces.” He urged the people of Europe to exert pressure on their governments to get out of Afghanistan and avoid further bloodshed. Some observers believe he is attempting to separate the Taliban from al-Qaeda by emphasizing his forces are defensive in nature and do not wish to export violence to other areas of the world.

Perhaps, Mullah Omar forgets his Taliban was the creature of the Pakistan intelligence and thus was in origin a force aided and supported by foreign nations. Perhaps, he forgets the dictatorial rule which angered many people of Afghanistan and caused creation of armed forces which wanted to overthrow his government. Perhaps, he forgets the 140 suicide attacks carried out by the Taliban last year which, for the most part, killed innocent Afghans, not NATO troops. The only interesting bit of information in his message is the Taliban desire to separate themselves from al-Qaeda. This suggests rifts between these two groups that might well be exploited if America was led by a president who understood how to defeat terrorism.