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For decades Israel has argued that Arab nations refuse to accept its existence and if they would peace accords could be reached. However, although the Arab League has announced its willingness to recognize Israel and the Palestinian Authority has expressed its desire to live in peace with Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects every attempt to attain peace. Obama’s Middle Eastern envoy, George Mitchell, offered Israel an opportunity to end the current impasse. He had secured agreement from Oman and Qatar to establish relations with Israel on condition of a one year freeze on West Bank settlements. Of course, Netanyahu refused to agree and argued you can’t trust Arabs because the past is filled with failed peace attempts.

Israel has demanded from the Palestinian Authority a statement which agrees that Israel is a Jewish state. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad responded that “Israel’s character is Israel’s business and nobody else’s” Why this statement is required of Palestinians makes no sense. Of course, about 20% of Israelis are Muslims so it would be inappropriate for Arab nations to state the state of Israel is composed of Jews.