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President Kibaki Twists And Dodges From Facing Election Truth

As Raila Odinga, leader of the Orange Democratic Movement met with Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa, President Kibaki of Kenya dug in his heels and insisted the election was fair and he was legally elected. Odinga discussed with Tutu the possibility of some form of mediation that might extricate his nation from the violence which has cost the lives of over 300 people. Secretary Rice and Prime Minister Gordon Brown have both suggested various names like former UN Secretary Koffi Annan or President John Kufor of Ghana. Odinga has indicated a willingness to accept either of these names, but, so far it is far from clear if President Kibaki will even entertain the notion of any review of election results. He ruled out the idea of a transitional government and told his opponents to “follow the law” and cease their complaints. His only concession is a willingness to have discussions with “concerned parties” when things have become quiet.

Kenya’s Attorney General Amos Wako raised two possibilities for resolution of the conflict. One entailed creation of a National Unity Government and the other would ask an independent body to review election results. It appears that President Kibaki interprets mediation to mean having outside parties calm down his opponents, but he does not appear to regard having any role in reviewing what transpired in the blatant effort on his part to steal an election. As of the moment, he has not arranged any meeting with Tutu anymore than with those who oppose his arbitrary actions.