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Tony Blair’s Nightmare– The Truth About Iraq!

Six years ago, Tony Blair had an opportunity to strike a blow for freedom by placing pressure on George Bush not to rush for judgment into the ill-fated war in Iraq. Instead, he played stooge to an ignorant president and an evil vice president whose desire was blood and destruction in the name of democracy. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after initially stating the inquiry into why a war on Iraq would be held in secret, backtracked and made clear major portions of the inquiry would be open to the public. Tony Blair tried his best to avoid such a spectacle because his current dream is becoming the first president of the European Union who would hold the position for a fixed term of office instead of the current rotation process.

Once Europeans learn how Tony Blair lied and disguised reasons for Great Britain entering the war in Iraq it is doubtful if his candidacy will proceed on schedule. His supporters fear open hearings will lead to “mob justice” although the truth more likely will never lead to any real justice, simply people shaking their heads in disbelief.