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Don’t Get Beaten Up In Putin Russia

Hospitals in Russia offer free medical care to those who have the unfortunate problem of placing their face in the path of punches thrown by thugs who believe Prime Minister Putin is the greatest man on the planet. However, there is a limit to the kindness of hospitals to those whose face got in the path of defenders of freedom. Mikhail Beketov, an opposition newspaper man, was found last November lying in the snow near his home. He was informed a few days ago that his time of relaxation at state expense is over. He has a tracheotomy in his throat, and his blood circulation is not proper, but what the heck, who told him to get his face in the path of punches! His lawyer was fortunate not to get beaten up, they just shot and killed him in January.

Bekektov is still under police guard and the hospital decided after complaints to allow him a few more days doing nothing until he finds another place to obtain medical treatment. Such is life for editors who oppose the great man of Russia– Vladmir Putin.