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Is It Anti-Swedish To Claim Aftonbladet Run By Bigots?

The newspaper Aftonbladet has been reported to the Chancellor of Justice for its story about Israel Defense Forces harvesting Palestinian organs after killing people. Asa Linderborg, cultural editor of the paper, is upset. “Is that true? I am perplexed. I think it is a shame that whenever solidarity is shown for the Palestinians and criticism is directed against Israel, someone cries anti-Semitism. One has a right to ask questions.”

Yes, one has a right to ask questions particularly to a newspaper which smears an entire nation on the basis of rumor, not evidence. Ibrahim Ghanem, a relative of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem who was at the center of the story, apparently is also confused and perplexed by the story. “Maybe the journalist reached the conclusion on the basis of stitches he saw on the body.” As far as the family is concerned no organs were taken from the body and the only thing missing were teeth.

As a blog which strongly supports the right of Palestinian people to have their own nation, we believe smear jobs like that of Aftonbladet damage the rights of Palestinians. The last thing needed is to spread hysteria and further strengthen forces who oppose peace and reconciliation with Israel. On the Israel side are bigots like Avigdor Lieberman, and on the other side are bigots like Aftonbladet.