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How About Muslim And Israeli Jihadists Forming Alliance?

An ironic aspect of the current conflict between Israel and Muslim nations is how similar in beliefs and values are fundamentalist Jews and Muslims. Both regard women as less equal to men, both recent having outsiders intrude into their neighborhoods, both believe they know “the truth” and others will never be able to match them in having a close relation with God. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is attempting to create a city in which those of diverse religions and values are able to respect differences and live in peace with everyone. He found himself in a conflict with ultra orthodox residents in Jerusalem when a parking garage was allowed to open on the Sabbath. An alliance of local residents and orthodox Jews rioted in protest because in their view, either agree with an Orthodox interpretation as to what is allowed or go live elsewhere.

Anger was further sparked after an Orthodox woman was accused of abusing her child which led to rumors the police were abusing the woman. The mayor most probably over-reacted and threatened a halt to municipal services, but the basic problem is some Jews insist they possess the truth as to what constitutes Judaism. We suggest they get together with fundamentalist Muslims and find a nice area in the desert where both sides can live in peace and ensure there will be no gay parades or loud music on holy days. After all, both groups share a hatred of Christians, just declare war on them.

Britain’s Jewish Population Rises In Turnabout

At the end of World war II in 1945, the Jewish population of Great Britan numbered about 450,000 people but today it has declined to about 280,000. The decline is most probably attributed to several factors such as a lower birth rate among those with higher incomes, the departure of some British Jews to the new state of Israel, and the high degree of intermarriage with Christians. However, the past year witnessed an interesting turnabout due to the large number of children in Orthodox Jewish families and the total rose from 275,000 to 280,000.

The high birth rate among Orthodox Jewish families is pushing figures higher and it also means a much larger number of Jews in Britain are Orthodox. For example, in Manchester, half of all Jewish children under the age of five are from Orthodox families,and in Greater London they now account for 18% of the Jewish population.

There appears to be in many religions a growth in the number of people who are of an Orthodox leaning so it is not surprising this also manifests itself in the Jewish religion.