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Myanmar Protests– As Explained By Military Junta

The official newspaper of the Myanmar military junta, the New Light, offered the world a rather unusual explanation regarding recent events in Burma. According to New Light, “People in Katha and Mutinmi townships held mass rallies on 7 and 9 October with the concept that recent protests staged by some monks and NLD member had undermined the community peace and stability.” Unlike those terrorists monks and protestors for democracy, these decent people made certain to get “permission from the authorities concerned in accord with law.” As over 15,000 marched they waved banners announcing, “We oppose violence,” and “ward off the danger of internal and external destructive elements.” They also strongly believe “We don’t want terrorists.”

The military junta of Myanmar undoubtedly is familiar with George Orwell’s “doublespeak” in which one uses correct words for incorrect ideas. Burmese troops fired into peaceful demonstrators but somehow the pacifist monks have become “terrorists’ and advocates of “violence.” One can only wonder how these 15,000 people decided to march with their banners.