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Terror, Terror, Terror, Everywhere In UK

Nine years have passed since the terrible attack on 9/11 which created a new sense of fear in many parts of the world. UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband warned of a possible new attack in his country after the world heard a new tape from Osama bin Laden. Miliband warned the threat was very possible and the entire nation is on its highest level of threat watch. In his tape, Osama bin Laden told the United States: “American will never dream of living in peace unless we live in it in Palestine. It is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in Gaza suffer greatly.” Why is the world worried when for one of the few times, Osama spoke some logical sense? If President Obama made a serious effort to exert pressure on Israel to place a freeze on West Bank settlements, there would be negotiation between Israel and Palestinians!

We heard the typical “fear comment” from Miliband about terrorists coming to the UK with the new twist Islamic fundamentalists might be using western women as suicide bombers. In life, there is always a fear of terrorism. People get drunk and kill, people use their cars as suicide vehicles, and some people even use knives. We can not escape the presence of mentally ill people. This has been true throughout history and it is true today. Relax, be careful and hope for the best. Osama of no Osama.

Omar bin Laden– I Am His Son, Not His Follower!

There are father-son relationships in which the child desires to be like the most important male in his life. There are father-son relationships in which the child never wants to be anything like his father. Omar bin Laden was never asked by his famous father to join al-Qaida nor was he urged to participate in acts of violence. His father did emphasize to Omar that of all his children, he expected him to carry on his good work. Unfortunately, for Osama bin Laden, his son is a man of peace, not violence. “I would like to be in a position to promote peace. I believe the United Nations would be the ideal place for me.”

One can only wonder how the father regards the son who distanced himself from jihad or violence or hatred of the United States and western nations. Is there anguish in the heart of Osama bin Laden or is there some element of pride that his son has selected another path in life. Who knows, only Osama does.

Osamaman Awakes From Slumber

It is an anniversary of death so naturally, Osama bin Laden has to get into the act with another of his boring tirades against the West, against the United States, and, above all, against Israel. The Osamaman said Barack Obama was powerless to bring peace to Afghanistan and vowed to increase the level of attacks. Of course, there is not the slightest piece of evidence the Osamaman has any influence over the Taliban and considerable doubt they even want him around.

He urged Americans to liberate themselves from the Bush era and join his alliance in the fight to wipe out Israel. Naturally, he blamed 9/11 attacks on Israel and promised once that nation was abandoned thee would be peace, prosperity and joy throughout the Muslim world.

It would be breath taking if the Osamaman could actually make a speech in which the word, “Israel” does not appear. Osamaman, how about them rich Arab princes who gave you the money to fight while denying poor Arabs money? How about the rights of Muslim women– is their lack the result of Israel?

Seek Work? Check Your Al-Qaeda Recruiter

Osama bin Laden these days is encountering the same problems as faced by numerous business executives — how can one obtain trusted, dedicated employees? Several anti-terror experts told the British newspaper, the Guardian there is an increasing shortage of fighters for al-Qaeda. Lethal strikes by CIA drones combined with monitoring and disruption of electronic communications has impacted the morale of Al-Qaeda fighters in Pakistan. They are increasingly confronting Pakistan military attacks which have resulted in the death of hundreds of militants.

Mustafa Alani, a terrorism expert, argues “al-Qaida has become a liability for the Taliban” and there is a possibility they might seek to get rid of him by revealing his hiding place to Pakistan or American sources. Another factor is emergence of Muslim clerics who argue that terrorism violates the fundamental principles of their religion.

If you are among the downsized, perhaps you might welcome a vacation in the mountains of Pakistan or Afghanistan where the fellowship of some bearded men will provide opportunities to play with guns and bombs. Who knows, perhaps, members of the NRA will finally get a chance to shoot at the “Jack booted American police!”


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

UAE, Khaleej Times: “Sudan Asked To Withdraw Trouser Charge”
Perhaps, they could substitute a head covering or blouse charge.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: ‘Michael Jackson Laid To Rest”
But, how do you know he won’t wake up and begin dancing and singing?

Netherlands, Radio Netherlands: “New Therapy to Fight Diarrhoea”
Don’t eat?

Sweden, The Local: “Agency Condemns Herring Claim”
There is something fishy about this story!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Drug Smuggler Turns Self In”
I guess he figured the drugs were higher quality in prison.

USA, Army Times: “WWII Pilot To Search Germany For Lost Wings”
I hope the Angel Gabriel finds them.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Minister Told To Make Choice”
Be honest and poor or dishonest and wealthy?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “My Son Accused Me Of Being Infidel”
When your son Osama bin Laden speaks, listen or else!

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Man Drop Kicked Cat”
As long as it wasn’t the ninth kick, the kitten is OK.

Pakistan Taliban Invite Osama To Vacation In Swat Area

The United States has spent billions to upgrade the Pakistan military in order to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Several weeks ago, the Pakistan government turned over to the Taliban control over the Swat Valley, once regarded as a favorite resort area for Pakistanis. A spokesman for the Taliban told the Associated Press local militants would welcome Osama bin Laden to come to the Swat Valley and enjoy its beauty and firm Islamic rule. “Osama can come her. Sure, he’s like a brother they can stay anywhere they want. We will help them and protect them.” The Pakistan government responded with anger to the idea that Osama bin Laden would be given refuge in its territory. Of course, last week, Pakistan President Zardari signed off on legislation which allows the Taliban to impose sharia law in the Swat region. Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani praised the agreement and said it brought peace to the region.

Isn’t it about time that any money given to Pakistan’s military had to have strings and conditions? The once secular Swat Valley is now a Taliban controlled strict Muslim area. What exactly are we seeking to achieve in Pakistan? Does anyone know?