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Olmert Talks Honest- Ignored By Supporters

Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s comments that his nation had to accept the reality of 1967 borders and a Palestinian presence in Jerusalem has been greeted by silence or disbelief among many political leaders in his nation. However, European Union envoy Marc Otte, told the Jerusalem Post, Olmert’s comments represented political courage. “Everyone who has been engaged in the negotiations is bound to come to that sort of conclusion. I am encouraged that the Israeli leadership is willing to face the challenges.” Unfortunately, Foreign Minister Tzip Livni, who most probably will become the next prime minister said she did not feel compelled to agree with the Olmert proposal.

There were some initial claims that Palestinians had rejected Olmert’s proposal but Otte said there was no validity to that assertion. At least one Israel leader is dealing with reality rather than with rhetoric.