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Chinese Students Flock To Overseas Universities

The number of Chinese students studying abroad reached record highs last year. More thn 144,000 students went abroad and by the end of the year about 44,000 students had returned hom to find work in China. Of the students who studied abroad almost 90 percent were self-funded while the govenment paid for 8,000 to study overseas. Since 1978, about 1.2 million Chinese students have studied in a foreign univeristy. The number of returned students has been gradually rising and since 2003 and about 166,000 have come home. Government figures reveal 70% of the 70,00 students who returned to China over the past three years had earned master’s degrees. About 47% of those returned students had majored in the humanities and social science and about 45 percent studied engineerng. Only 2% pursued a degree in medicine.

The good news is that over a million future leaders of China have now had direct contact with the outside world and will not be -so readily persuaded about the evil of the western world. The bad news is they have lived in the western world and learned all about its problems nd faults.