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Following are comments that are thought but will never be spoken.

TEA PARTY SUPPORTERS Obama is a Muslim. Major Hasan is a Muslim. All Muslims are Terrorists!

NY KNICK COACH Yes, my team has one victory and nine losses. We have to play harder. Or, we have to play dirtier.

GEORGE CLOONEY So, I made a film about goats. You have to admit, I did not make a film about jackasses.

BARACK OBAMA I am calling for a conference on the unemployed. We will spend a few days discussing being unemployed, not that anyone in the room is unemployed. Patience is my advice to those unemployed.

LARRY SUMMERS Once we expand the economy there will be plenty of jobs. Jobs for Wall Street bankers, financial wizards, credit card executives, and economists like me.

REPUBLICAN SENATOR I am for health insurance, health insurance companies that is. I already have $100,000 in my campaign kitty.

SARAH PALIN OK, I admit John McCain was tortured, but what about my torture having to campaign with him!

GEORGE STEINBRENNER The Yankees do not buy World Series. We just buy getting into the World Series.

MERYL STREEP I did the cooking movie. I guess next is a drinking movie.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Thank God this bad movie is over. Frankly, I’d rather negotiate with aliens than with the California state legislature.