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Suicide Bombing Violates Muslim Religion

In recent years, the concept of suicide bombing has been linked to the Muslim religion although at other times in history, suicide bombers were prevalent in western society. A recent conference of leading clerics in Pakistan examined the issue of suicide bombing as it pertained to the basic values and beliefs of their society. They concluded that only a State, not an individual has the authority to call for jihad(holy war). The conference also confronted the issue of suicide bombing and issued a fatwa(edict) forbidding it. The Muttahida Ulema Council(MUC) was concerned about recent suicide attacks in Pakistan which have resulted in the death of hundreds of people. The MUC declared suicide bombing un-Islamic, and urged the government to cease military operations in the Tribal Areas and conduct negotiation with the people in those regions.

The conference of Islamic clerics demanded the government reveal any secret agreements made by their government with the United States an urged closer relations with Iran which they believe will be a firmer ally of their nation than the United States. The Council expressed concern that India had received special treatment pertaining to their nuclear program and Pakistan should be accorded similar rights.

Violence Continues In Pakistan

The attempted assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto is apparently just one story in a never ending violence which is enveloping Pakistant. While Pakistani security forces attacked a cleric’s stronghold, nearby insurgents kidnapped eight police from a bus. About 2,500 soldiers took part in the assault on cleric Maulana Faziullah’s stronghold which is one of many such encampments where insurgents are trained to conduct attacks on Pakistan soldiers and society. Residents observed security forces firing rocket propelled grenades, mortars, and other weapons at the cleric’s forces. Militants carried out the ambush of the soldiers and fired on a helicopter carrying a general. Yesterday, a suicide car bomber hit a truck carrying troops and killed 19 soldiers and wounded 35.

The violence continues unabated in Pakistan raising fears if the present Musharraf-Bhutto alliance is capable of restoring some semblance of law and order to the nation. Benazir Bhutto claims to represent the moderate middle ground in Pakistan that wants democracy and a government capable of stimulating the economy and providing work opportunities for the masses. In her previous shot at being prime minister, Bhutto used the office to help family and friends accumulate millions of dollars through corruption. Has she learned anything during her exile? Is she capable of creating a government of the people and for the people?