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Towards A Government Of National Consensus In Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto, leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, met with US Consul General Bryan Hunt who asked her if it was possible to work with President Musharraf in order to extricate Pakistan from the current crisis. She informed the American diplomat is was extremely difficult working with a man “who instead of taking us forward toward democracy took us backward toward military dictatorship.” Ms. Bhutto is working with all opposition parties in an effort to create a government based on the principle of a national consensus that democracy offered their nation the best opportunity to create a vibrant society and deal with issues of militancy. In the meantime, students, lawyers and journalists have formed the Free Pakistan Movement under leadership of Jemima Khan.

The United States is obviously concerned an Islamic fundamentalist government might seize control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Ms. Bhutto assured Mr. Hunt that her consensus government would not allow such an event to occur.