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This Story Nothing To Sneeze At!

There will be no sneezing for two young men during the coming fifty years that they will spend in jail for kidnapping a young girl whose family rejected the marriage proposal of one of the men. Being good Pakistani young men, being proud Muslims, they thought a man had every right to kidnap a girl and cut off her nose and ears because the family did not accept a marriage proposal. Ordinarily, in all too many cases some religious court would back up the men because women are supposed to obey the whims of males. But, a Pakistan court viewed the entire incident as an attack on women! Wow! They ordered the men to spend fifty years in jail and to have their noses and ears cut off.

I am so happy to have the United States be an ally of such advanced nations like Pakistan. We are going to win the war of the ears and come within a nose of final victory.

Benazir Bhutto Leaves Pakistan As Rumors Circulate Of Martial Law

Two weeks after returning to Pakistan from her exile, opposition leader Benazir Bhutto left the country for Dubai to see family members as rumors circulated that President Musharraf might declare marital law. A few days ago Bhutto had insisted she lacked time to leave the country due to her political campaign. The Pakistan Supreme Court will shortly rule on whether or not to overturn Musharraf’s recent election to the presidency. The country is also being consumed by a new outbreak of Islamic militant attacks. A recent suicide attack on an air force bus killed eight and left dozens wounded. Security forces countered the attack with a bloody assault on insurgents that resulted in the death of at least sixty in the mountains of northwest Pakistan. For each attack by security forces, there are counter attacks by militants. In the meantime, the nation awaits anxiously the Supreme Court’s decision on the presidential election. If they over turn Musharraf’s victory there is a strong possibility he will counter with martial law and proceed to maintain power.

Musharraf has been a factor in creating the current crisis. He refused to step down as president and allow a democratic election which would have affirmed the issue of civilian leadership. His response of ongoing military action will hardly end fighting in the mountains of Pakistan whose people have fought off foreign invasions for hundreds of years.

President Musharraf Makes Deal With Benazir Bhutto

President Musharraf long reported deal with former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was finally announced. He issued a “reconciliation ordinance” which dropped corruption charges against anyone whose case was in a court before 1999. It states that all corruption cases registered prior to 1999 “stand withdrawn and terminated with immediate effect.” It is apparent Musharraf and Bhutto have come to some form of agreement about sharing power. It is expected Musharraf will shortly declare some law which allows Bhutto to become prime minister for a third term even though Pakistan’s constitution says only two terms are allowed.

The only fly in the ointment is a decision by Musharraf[s opponent — the Pakistan Supreme Court — which ruled it will hold in abeyance authorizing an election result until legal issues regarding Musharraf’s candidacy are resolved. The tragedy is having two politicians manipulate conditions in order to benefit one another in circumventing Pakistani law. Perhaps, this type of “democracy” is what Bush is advocating for the world.