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Tension On Pakistan-India Border

The failure on the part of India and Pakistan to work in a cooperative manner in order to deal with the aftermath of the Mumbai tragedy has only led to increasing fear and anxiety on the part of both sides. Pakistan has deployed thousands of its troops to the border with India which has caused a dramatic rise in tension in southeast Asia. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh summoned his military chiefs to review the situation and an advisory was sent to Indians to avoid traveling to Pakistan. The situation has caused relations between the two nations to plummet to the lowest level in years. There are reports Pakistan troops are being shifted from the Northwest region where they have been confronting the Taliban and al-Qaeda to the Indian border. There are also reports India has canceled leave for its troops.

It is time for Pakistan to deal with its secret service, the notorious ISI which most probably had a role in assisting those who engaged in the raid on Mumbai. The ISI has been funding anti-Indian militants for years and it must be brought under control if India is to be reassured that Pakistan is serious about dealing with those militants. Pakistan also has to cease their silly comments that evidence is lacking the Mumbai terrorists came from their nation. Pray tell, where did they come from?

The world is facing a potential nuclear holocaust. George Bush can not be blamed for every problem in the world, but his idiotic invasion of Iraq set the stage for the growth of dangerous Islamic groups.