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Is Pakistan ISI For The Criminals Or Is It A CSI?

The New York Times story which claims Pakistan’s secret service group, the Inter-Services Intelligence, was behind recent bombings in Kabul of the Indian embassy, has aroused a storm of conflict not only between the United States and Pakistan but between Pakistan and India. The American newspaper report says US officials intercepted communications between the ISI and those involved in terrorist activities. If true, this would confirm India’s charges the Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence(ISI) masterminded the ghastly attack on the Indian mission in Kabul that killed four Indians, including two diplomats. Pakistan has vigorously denied the validity of the New York Times story. Foreign Minister spokesperson, Mohammad Sadiq insisted “the report is not factual and utterly misleading and it holds no credence.”

Indian official made clear the recent spate of attacks in their cities is having an impact on recent efforts between India and Pakistan to resolve their differences, particularly in the Kashmir area. There are now reports Pakistan troops have violated the Kashmir area which might result in escalation of violence.

At some point, one must step back and review the entire situation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. There was a moment in 2001 when peace could have been obtained in Afghanistan if President Bush had not withdrawn US troops from completing the destruction of the Taliban because of his madness in deciding to invade Iraq. An opportunity was lost, and the result is tension, conflict, and violence on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border which undoubtedly is being assisted by the ISI which apparently does not grasp it should be acting like the CSI and ending crime.