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The Making Of A Pakistani Murderer

The Pakistan government insists it is not able to do anything about jihadist groups in its nation or it claims it does not know of their existence. Abdul Rahman, a teacher from a school in Lahore, worked in Kashmir with local terrorists to forment violence against the Indian troops. He regarded his stay in Kashmir as an opportunity to carry out the fight against India. Upon his return to Pakistan, the teacher would recount his tales of bravery to young children in hope of instilling inside them a desire to become a jihadist and dot their part to fight for the freedom of all Pakistanis. The real question is whether Pakistan’s government can actually do anything about such teachers who spread the word of terrorism to impressionable minds.

There is growing evidence the concept of “jihad” is now becoming part of the mindset of anyone who has a grudge against a group. To go on a jihad against the Indians or Americans or the Pakistanis or against people in your own family is acceptable if it can be justified as being a fight against foreigners who seek to destroy the Muslim way of life and its values.

The lack of an effective public school system staffed by professional teachers has opened the door for any emotionally unstable person to present himself as the embodiment of virtue and thus able to instill the desire for violence in children.