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Admiral Mullen Predicts Future Incidents With Pakistan

Even as Admiral Mike Mullen was telling a Pentagon press conference on Friday that he has received assurances from Pakistani military leaders there would not be any further firing on American soldiers or helicopters, the Pakistan army was firing on American forces. “I’ve been given assurances by the senior military leadership in Pakistan that that there is certainly no intent or plan to fire on our forces.” For some reason Pakistani promises did not filter down to their troops who are stationed on the border of Afghanistan. Mullen insists both sides do communicate and draw away when each comprehends the situation, but American concerns about the growing power of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in tribal regions tend to take precedence over agreements with Pakistan.

At the core of current problems is lack of any comprehensive strategy on how to conduct the war in Afghanistan. Bush failure to maintain a high military presence in Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002 allowed the insurgency a new lease on life and since that date it has grown ever more powerful. But, American over reliance on military action is not working. No plan to deal with infrastructure needs of Afghanistan are in place nor are work projects such as rebuilding roads and bridges or bringing electricity to rural areas in place. Lack of work opportunities results in high unemployment rates at a time when the Taliban can pay decent wages to anyone who wants to fight the “occupiers.”

Stay Out Of Pakistan, PM Warns US!

Pakistan’s prime minister made clear to the United States, his nation would not tolerate any further incursions into its territory by units of the American armed forces. He strongly supported the recent statement by General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, head of Pakistan’s armed forces, who said unilateral actions by the Americans risked undermining efforts to deal with terrorism. “Falling for short-term gains while ignoring our long-term interest is not the right way forward,” he said on Wednesday. The Pakistan military leader was concerned Pakistanis would regard US attacks on their territory as a license to do as they wish. If the average Pakistani comes to believe its own army is incapable of defending their territory against foreign attack it fuels the desire to side with militants.

On one hand, the United States is upset at failure on the part of Pakistan to control insurgents who openly reside in their nation. On the other side, Pakistanis are furious at US air strikes which have killed dozens of civilians. Meanwhile, in the reality that is Pakistan, the bodies of two men were found who were among 25 police recruits kidnapped by insurgents. In the tribal region of Bajur, the bodies of three bullet ridden men were found who supposedly cooperated with government forces. On the bodies were a note: “this is the result of working against the Taliban and cooperating with the army instead of joining the jihad.”

US Military Ready To Work With New Pakstain Leaders

Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was pleased the new Pakistan govenment was prepared to advance new political, economic and military ideas. “I think we need to be m indful that this is a new governmnt, new leadership, and certainly could have new directions.” Mullen expressed hope the American government recognized the new configuration in place in Pakistan and is prepared to work closely with its leaders. Meanwhile in Pakistan, Prime Minister Gillani met with Pakistan military leaders to discuss his ideas for a new comprehensive strategy “based on political enggment, economic development and backed by credible military” forces.

It is apparent the new Pakistan government is prepared to place as much importance on political and economic relations with militants as it does on military. This might eventually result in conflict with the United States since the Bush administration is more focused on military resources.

Musharraf Claims Bhutto Unpopular With Army

President Musharraf of Pakistan told Newsweek in an interview appearing online that assassinated leader Benazir Bhutto was very unpopular with his nation’s military leaders and termed her an “unreligious person” who lacked the capability of fighting terrorism. The Taliban and al-Qaeda seek to destroy his society, but he intends to fight and defeat their efforts recognizing full well “they want to weaken me, they think they can take kover Pakistan.” He also opposed any investigation by a UN body into the killing of Bhutto.

Babar Awan, a leader in Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party, denied that she was unpopular with the military and noted that as prime minister Bhutto had worked with military leaders in a cooperative manner. He termed Musharraf, “the most unpopular and hated military leader” who had no right to speak for the entire Pakistan military leadership.

Senator John Kerry commented yesterday that he had been told by Bhutto of her request to Musharraf for additiional security and had been denied that protection. Kerry said he communicated her concerns to the US State Department. Perhaps, President Musharraf fears an honest investigation which might eventually wind up identifying people who are close to him.