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Pakistan Accelerates War On Taliban

During the past several years, American leaders have urged the Pakistan government to seriously engage the Taliban within its borders. A series of Taliban blunders such as invading provinces they promised not to attack and suicide bombings have resulted in the Pakistan army’s new aggressive actions against their enemy. The Pakistan government has placed a bounty on the head of Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Taliban in northwest tribal regions. There are also air strikes which have led to claims that dozens of “militants” have been killed. There is evidence the Pakistan army is employing military strategies borrowed from Americans such as bombing villages in which alleged Taliban leaders are residing.

There is no doubt a significant segment of the Pakistan population has grown weary with Taliban excesses such as suicide bombing. But, military action in itself will not destroy the Taliban or other militants. Pakistan needs a powerful economic development program together with one which creates an effective education system that provides for poor children an opportunity to obtain technological skills leading to good paying jobs. Air strikes help, but schools and jobs are much more effective in defeating the Taliban.

Bounties may gain media attention, but as a Taliban commander told a reporter: “We are like a suicide squad. Mujahideen(holy warriors) do not care about head money. Our mission goes on.” Reading and writing and arithmetic will always out bid bounties.

Is Silence Of Congressmen Needed?

The virtue of living in a democracy is that everyone can spout their ideas without being silenced. A problem living in a democracy is that every congressman believes he has the necessity of telling the world his views on how to handle other nations forgetting that his words will be printed all over the world. Congressman John Murtha is a former Marine who has a tendency to let loose with comments that most probably never should be uttered in public. He told the media if the Taliban gained power in Pakistan, he would recommend that the American military should bomb Pakistan nuclear sites to take out the nuclear bombs. “What I worry about the most is if the Taliban were to destabilize the (Pakistan) government. We think we know where the weapons are, and we have to be prepared if it goes the wrong way to destabilize the sites.”

OK, Congressman Murtha, the United States might have to do what you propose, but do you have to tell the people of Pakistan they might be bombed by the United States? Exactly, how do such statements get received in the Muslim world? Remember what your folks told you, remain silent and think carefully before you speak?

Who Is In Charge In Pakistan’s Tribal Areas?

In the topsy turvy world of Pakistan militant operations it is sometimes difficult to discover exactly who is in charge of what or what the fighting is all about. A tribal leader who defected from the Taliban group led by Baitullah Mehsud because he charged the leader was in secret contact with Israel and the United States has been gunned down in Pakistan. Qari Zainuddin, a 26 year-old rising tribal leader claimed that Mehsud was “an American agent” who was using suicide bombings to destabilize the country. According to Zinuddin, “these people (Mehsud and his men) are working against Islam.”

Up to this point it has been assumed Mehsud was in alliance with al-Qaeda to destablize Pakistan, but if what the former Mr. Zainuddin claims is correct, al-Qaeda is really an organization created by Mossad and the CIA to attack Americans and the Pakistan government in order to create chaos. OK, this sounds as reasonable as Republican plans to deal with the recession by cutting taxes, but is there some madness to the madness?

We will be glad to send a scorecard as to who is with whom in Pakistan for the low price of $1 million. Who knows, maybe I am working for the CIA and Mossad without realizing it!

Pakistani Villagers Saying Enough Is Enough!

A surprising development in Pakistan has emerged with growing anger among Pakistani villagers toward the Taliban and foreign volunteers who have entered their nation to spread a sharia version of Islamic life. There are reports of Pakistani villagers who are hunting down members of the Taliban, killing them, and forcing them to flee to other areas. Several civilian militias, known as lashkars, have arisen due to anger over the bombing of a mosque which resulted in the death of 33 people. Ejaz Ahmed, police chief of the Upper Dir region claims due to actions by lashkars, ‘militants have been attempting to escape the area under cover of dark.”

Eight long years ago American forces swept through Afghanistan and left in their wake disorganization and confusion. Instead of focusing energy and money on developing local economies and fostering development of village militias, the Americans spent their time burning poppy crops and bombing civilian homes, and installing the corrupt Karzai government in Kabul. It is time to focus on the local level because guerrilla activities are best confronted when local villagers have the economic power and military equipment to deal with those who harm their lives. End the destruction of poppy, purchase all poppy from the farmers, arm villagers, and allow the people of Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban.

The same is true about Pakistan. Now is the time to foster village development in Pakistan, arm local leaders and shift responsibility from the Pakistan army to local military action.

Pakistan Army On March Against Taliban

The Pakistan army is finally aware of the importance of dealing with military force towards the Taliban instead of rewarding their brutality with kind words. Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been allowed to rule South Waziristan with impunity and enforce sharia law on its inhabitants, but he shortly will have to deal with an angry Pakistan army which is determined to end his power in the area. General Athar Abbas made clear, “the government has taken a principled decision to launch a military operation against Baitullah and his network. The Peachar Valley has already been cleared of militants and the Pakistan government is slowly placing its officials back in power in areas where the Taliban was allowed to reign supreme.

Ironically, the Pakistan armed forces which created the Taliban in the 1990s is now preparing to engage in war against its former proteges. Creating forces of hate and violence in order to gain power invariably results in the creation of a Frankenstein monster.

Pakistan Army Continues On Offense

Once upon a time a group of pleasant deer decided to tell the wolves of their desire for friendship and offered them free reign to control a major part of the forest and kill small animals for their food. Of course, the wolves became tired of eating squirrels when there were so many juicy looking deer walking around without any defenses. It didn’t take long before the deer noticed some of them were slowly disappearing as the wolves lit up fires to cook their food. Finally, a meeting of the deers decided to hire some tigers to get rid of the wolves and everyone lived happily ever after.

The Pakistan army has decided they can not lie down in peace with the Taliban wolves and have gone on the offense. American general David Petraeus says Pakistan military and civilian leaders have “demonstrated considerable resolve in the past several weeks” and are driving the Taliban out of major areas where they were attempting to install sharia law. It took a long time, but Pakistan’s military, civilian and clerics finally wised up the goal of the Taliban was to install their ideas in every aspect of society.

Pakistan Villagers Growing Anger Towards Taliban

Hundreds of Pakistan villagers surrounded Taliban forces in two villages and attempted to destroy them in retaliation for a mosque bombing that killed many people. About 1,500 villagers armed with their own rifles laid siege to several villages known to be Taliban strongholds and at least 200 Taliban soldiers are now surrounded and in threat of being captured by angry Pakistanis who are tired of being abused and humiliated by the Taliban. There is growing dislike of Taliban whippings and clerical courts and taking over villages and demanding supplies. Pakistan Army spokesman, General Abbas urged civilians to consider the cost of helping Taliban forces who are attempting to impose sharia law. If they oppose sharia law, “they have to raise a voice against them, they have to rise up against them.”

All bullies eventually come to confront anger on the part of those who are abused. Most probably most villagers are devout Muslims, but the version of their religion imposed by the Taliban apparently does not fit their definition as to what constitutes a devout Muslim.

Taliban Enrage Pakistan Villagers

The Talliban have assumed for many years that using violence would frighten villagers and allow the imposition of their own brand of the Muslim religion. Taliban militants recently bombed a mosque in the northwest region of the nation which resulted in an outburst of rage by local villagers. They organized their own 500 man militia and set out to kill Talibans in their area. Their response was to recent bombing attacks by Taliban elements against mosques and the center of towns in order to create chaos and death. One resident of Upper Dir, said: “We are Muslims, we pray regularly and read the Koran. We don’t want them(Taliban), they have to go. Attacking a mosque is not Islam. They’re not Muslim.”

The Pakistan army is now reporting other examples of villagers rallying to attack the Taliban. The government of Pakistan for far too long has failed to recognize vigorously combating the Taliban is the best path to ending the power of fundamentalist Islam.

Pakistan Army Seeks To Swat Taliban From Valley

It is still uncertain if the Pakistan army offense in the Swat Valley has succeeded in driving out the Taliban for a long time or is it another venture in which some terrorists are killed only to return the next day? Pakistan military leaders insist they have killed over a thousand Taliban soldiers and are firmly in control of the Swat Valley. However, the main town of Mingora has been badly damaged and most people have fled. There are reports residents are trickling back to the valley which they hope will become secure once again. This operation most probably arose due to stupidity on the part of the Taliban which openly displayed its cruelty to people as well as pressure from the American government to avoid making deals with terrorists.

The future all depends on the willingness of the Pakistan army to fight the Taliban and cease regarding war with India as the number one priority.

Is Bell Tolling For Taliban?

The Taliban was a creation during the 1990s of the Pakistan secret service, the ISI which was interested in extending the influence of their nation into Afghanistan. Little did they realize the Frankenstein they had invented would one day come back to haunt them in their native land. It has taken years for the Pakistan military to finally realize the monster they created is now interested in devouring its creator. As Pakistan armed forces fight their way into the Swat Valley in order to eliminate Taliban insurgents, the Taliban is reacting with a series of bombing attacks on Pakistan cities. The Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility for the bombings in Lahore which killed 30 and wounded over 200 people. The militants threw grenades into the offices of the police and a top intelligence agency as well as exploding a van .

The ironic aspect of this assault is sad. The Taliban are now directly attacking the security agency which gave it birth. New Taliban groups are springing up all over Pakistan and it is finally dawning on the people of Pakistan that the United States is not their enemy, but their own people are their enemy.