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Muslim Moderates Target Of Taliban

As the conflict in Pakistan witnesses more intense conflict between the Pakistan army and the Taliban, an increasing number of Muslims are recognizing the struggle in their nation entails a fight between Muslim extremists and those of the more moderate people who follow the precepts of Sufism. Ironically, extremists have for years been supported by Saudi Arabia whose government is founded on extremism and conservatism. During the 1980s, the United States in its effort to end the rule of communism in Afghanistan supported extremists from Saudi Arabia and Yemen who came to fight against the Soviets.

The Sufi moderate Islamic religion which generally is the main form of religion in Pakistan has become painfully aware of what lays in store for their nation if the conservative Saudi Arabian influenced Taliban gains power. The United States continues to urge Pakistan to deal with the Taliban but no effort is made to compel Saudi Arabia to curb its support for extremists in madrassas who impose hate and violence against moderates and western institutions.

Human Rights Watch Warns Of Pakistan Casualties

The Western world welcomes the aggressive Pakistan military stance towards the Taliban, but in waiting until now to attack, the Pakistan army has created a vast problem for civilians caught in the midst of war. Human Rights Watch accuses the Taliban for laying mines in a city and using civilians as shields against the Pakistan army. HRW also noted “Pakistani forces appeared to have taken insufficient precautionary measures in aerial and artillery attacks that have caused a high loss of civilian life.” The first Pakistan mistake was turning over the Swat valley to the Taliban without ensuring regular troops were in the area to protect civilians. This allowed the Taliban to consolidate their power and construct defenses.

Over a million people have fled the war zone as Taliban and Pakistan forces increase the ferocity of their attacks. Hopefully, eventually the Pakistan army will push out the Taliban. But, what happens next? Will Pakistan create an effective school system, will the government deal with poverty and discrimination against women?

War Rages In Pakistan As Taliban Dig In

The fight for Pakistan continues as its army is engaged in serious battles with Taliban forces in the Swat Valley. The battle is now in the fourth week as planes, helicopters and ground troops attempt to dislodge the Taliban from their defensive positions. The Pakistan military says it is closing in on the capital of Swat and are now in Mingora. A Pakistan officer claims the “ground offensive has now started in the cities and the towns, before that we were fighting in the countryside.”

As usual the Pakistan government offers casualty reports that no one can confirm or deny. The best news is an agreement among a wide range of political leaders to support the current action in the Swat valley. Perhaps, Pakistan politicians have finally obtained the glimmer of understanding their nation’s main enemy is not India, but the Taliban. If they can unite behind that understanding, there is hope of defeating the Taliban.

Pakistan President Finally Recognizes Taliban Threat

After meeting in Washington D.C. with American leaders, Pakistan President Asif Zardari admitted his nation had a “problem” with the presence of Taliban forces inside the country who seek to gain political control of large sections of the region. “I think we ned to find a strategy where the world gets together against this threat, because it’s not Pakistan specific. It’s not Afghanistan-specific. Like I said, it’s all the way from the Horn of Africa. You’ve had attacks in spain. You’ve had attacks in Britain. You’ve had attacks in America. You’ve had attacks in Africa, Saudi Arabia. So, I think the world needs to understand that this is the new challenge of the 21st century, and this is the new war.”

These are welcome words of reality coming from a Pakistan president, but Zardari also has to come to grips with his own army and its links to the Taliban. Dealing with the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan will not succeed if Pakistani military leaders are supplying the Taliban and giving them secret information and advice. At some point, Zardari has to get army leaders engaged in this 21st century war.

Where Is Pakistan Headed?

It becomes increasingly clear the Pakistan government has yet to decide either internal or external policies related to terrorism. After reaching an agreement with the Taliban which allowed the Taliban to control the Swat Valley and impose Sharia law — which was not in accordance with Pakistan law– in return for laying down their arms, the terrorist group has gone on a rampage of more violence in Buner. There are reports that finally units of the Pakistan army have engaged in fighting Taliban forces in areas of the Swat Valley where local authority has been supplanted by terrorist groups. The situation in Buner remains critical since Taliban soldiers are taking over government institutions and imposing Sharia law even though that was not part of any agreement.

The Taliban are using what is termed, “salami tactics” to cut off one slice of Pakistan at a time while the government and army “discusses” what to do next. There is no need for any further discussion, send in the Pakistan army and wipe out the Taliban. President Zardari still doesn’t realize that now is the time to fight the Taliban, allow them to control more districts and the fight will be increasingly difficult.

It is amazing that a government allows an armed force to take over government facilities and impose its own law! What exactly is the purpose of the Pakistan government except to protect its citizens?

Pakistan Says Everything OK On Nuclear Front

The Pakistan government has already given the Taliban control of the Swat Valley which only increased the appetite of these fanatics to extend their control even further into the neighboring district with no end in sight to further advances. President Zardari assured the world there was no chance the Taliban would gain control of his nation’s nuclear weapons and promised the army had everything under control. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear the United States could not envision the Taliban in control of nuclear weapons which suggests there might be plans for some type of armed intervention unless Zardari and the Pakistan army show some fight.

The Taliban is within a hundred miles of the capital but Zardari insists there is nothing to fear. He made a deal with the Taliban allowing them to control the Swat Valley in exchange for peace and the only peace that has resulted is the Taliban taking more and more pieces of Pakistan. The unanswered question is where does the Pakistan army stand in this mess?

Who Is In Charge Of Pakistan??

First, the Pakistan government turned over the Swat Valley to the Taliban and allowed it to impose sharia law and kill opponents. If there is a government in Pakistan how can they sanction a terror group imposing law, burning down schools for girls and beheading opponents? Who exactly is in charge? In the face of government weakness, the Taliban entered another region, Buner and began imposing its version of the law. It appears the Pakistan government is finally grasping the salami tactics of the Taliban mean they eventually will head for the capital. Many Pakistan leaders are now demanding action against the Taliban even as some Taliban leaders are heading for Buner to persuade their colleagues to leave before the entire Pakistan army gets the message that action is the only way to deal with the Taliban.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Pakistan that abdicating to the Taliban was the most certain way to destroy democracy in their nation. Some Pakistan officials claim giving the Taliban some power is helping their nation because their intolerant behavior frightens the masses of Pakistan and will lead to strong support for military action to destroy the Taliban.

Pakistan Taliban Invite Osama To Vacation In Swat Area

The United States has spent billions to upgrade the Pakistan military in order to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Several weeks ago, the Pakistan government turned over to the Taliban control over the Swat Valley, once regarded as a favorite resort area for Pakistanis. A spokesman for the Taliban told the Associated Press local militants would welcome Osama bin Laden to come to the Swat Valley and enjoy its beauty and firm Islamic rule. “Osama can come her. Sure, he’s like a brother they can stay anywhere they want. We will help them and protect them.” The Pakistan government responded with anger to the idea that Osama bin Laden would be given refuge in its territory. Of course, last week, Pakistan President Zardari signed off on legislation which allows the Taliban to impose sharia law in the Swat region. Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani praised the agreement and said it brought peace to the region.

Isn’t it about time that any money given to Pakistan’s military had to have strings and conditions? The once secular Swat Valley is now a Taliban controlled strict Muslim area. What exactly are we seeking to achieve in Pakistan? Does anyone know?

Pakistan Doesn’t Like Drones But US Does

The ongoing clash between the American military and Pakistan armed forces continues its fierce encounter. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi insists there needs to be trust and his nation does not believel the United States is trusting enough. “I think it is important for us to seek a surplus of trust(instead of) a deficit of trust.” The words come across as helpful, but the reality is an inability on the part of the Pakistan army or government to confront the continued support by its military of Taliban forces. President Zardari insists his government “is committed to eliminating extremism from the society” but his nation is aroused because Taliban leaders who he allowed to take over the Swat Valley flogged a girl.

A major issue between the two nations if use of drones which strike from the sky, blow up buildings and the Americans claim terrorist leaders were killed while Pakistan insists the dead were civilians. Drone attacks will kill, the question is whether they kill the right people.

Hang Pakistan Girl Floggers?

The outcry in Pakistan against the flogging of a seventeen year old girl by Taliban thugs continues to impact the nation. Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry demanded that officials who had anything to do with the flogging must come before the court and explain what happened. He berated officials who allowed the flogging. The woman was identified as Chaand Bibi, but she denied being the young girl and refused to appear in court. If she was the girl, it was probably too dangerous to be in a court. Chaudhry tried to suggest the video was not true, but the Taliban confirmed the flogging and said the girl got off lightly.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement blasted the flogging and urged the men who did it should be tried, sentence to death, and “keep their bodies hung publicly for as many days as they had flogged the innocent girl.”