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Palestinian Refugees Abandoned By Lebanon

Among the unspoken aspects of the Palestinian refugee problem is failure on the part of Arab nations to afford these people equal rights, let alone welcome them as members of their societies. Thousands of Palestinian refugees gathered outside UN headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon to protest failure of Lebanon to afford them equal rights, equal opportunities to obtain jobs and rights of property ownership. Beirut police do not allow anyone to protest about everything which led Palestinians to seek help from the UN. Among issues that upset Palestinians is their inability to own property even though hundreds of thousands were born in Lebanon and have lived in the country throughout their lives. Moat live in dire conditions in refugee camps and are denied basic civil rights.

It would strengthen demands of Palestinian leaders if other Arab countries showed the slightest interest in respecting the rights of Palestinian refugees. How can one demand of Israel what no Arab nation will grant– the right to own property in their nation?