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Fatah Finally Has Fierce Verbal Fights

It has been twenty years since members of Fatah had the opportunity to come together for honest discussions concerning goals of the organization and who should be in leadership roles. Many delegates were furious at lack of administrative and financial accounting of the organization– where has the money been going and who has been spending the money are certainly valid issues raised by those who have waited two decades for a place to vent their anger. Ahmed Ghneim, a member of the Central Committee, became so furious when challenged by delegates that he stormed off the platform in disgust.

President Mahmud Abbas finally had to enter the hall in order to restore order and clam things down. “i admit we have made errors, even sin, but the rendering of accounts must be done during committee meetings and not through chaotic interventions.” Even as he spoke these soothing words, delegates shouted comments towards him. One delegate was ordered out of the room but he refused to budge, certainly a mark of the new spirit which is beginning to invigorate Fatah. President Abbas did offer some sound advice to the group: “we are here to put Fatah back on track, not to settle scores.”

The Abbas comment is wise advice to those who seek to create a modern Palestinian state. It is time to move forward in order to witness the birth of an independent Palestinian state.

Netanyahu Twists And Dodges To Avoid Peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been challenged by President Obama to focus on the importance of peace in the Middle East, but the Israeli politician is more focused on securing votes than peace. He finally came out in support of the existence of an independent Palestinian state, but the “buts” are clearly an impediment to moving along the road to peace. “If we have guarantees,” he said, “of demilitarization and security arrangements required for Israel and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people we will be prepared to in a real peace arrangement to achieve an independent Palestinian state.” However, in the next breath he made clear Jerusalem must remain under Jewish control and praised West Bank settlers and insisted they have the right to expand housing based on normal population increases.

President Abbas responded to this “offer” saying “Netanyahu’s remarks have sabotaged all initiatives , paralyzed all efforts being made, and challenge the Palestinian, Arab and American positions.” No one denies the right of Israel to insist on a demilitarized Palestinian state, but to demand that Palestinians must accept the idea that Israel is a “Jewish state” when one out of five of its inhabitants is not Jewish is simply unheard of in any form of international interactions. Could Netanyahu identify another example in which a nation must accept that another nation is “X” or “Y?”

There are numerous reports that Arab nations are not oblivious of limiting their demands on the “right of return.” This can be negotiated, but it will entail Israeli compromises. Step one is to recognize that Jerusalem will be ruled by both peoples.

Dissension In Israel Conflict Over Palestine State

The coalition Cabinet put together by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sharply divided on the issue of a two state solution. Defense Minister Ehud Barak once again made clear his commitment to a two state solution. “An Israel plan for a regional solution is a central axis of Israel’s policy in the coming years… Israel must cooperate with the US in formulating the details of the solution.” Barak said he supported the Obama plan for a Palestinian state and some modifications of the West Bank settler issue. However, Barak still believes Israel can not accept the return of Palestinian refugees.

Naturally, Avigdor Lieberman insisted there can not be a Palestinian state and his nation must stand tough and not be intimidated by the outside world. Lieberman lives in a fantasy world as do those Israelis who believe the current situation can continue into the indefinite future. A Palestinian state must come into reality. That is step one in creating a peaceful Middle East.

Israel Leaders Pursue Road To Disaster!

Even as President Obama’s envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, was expressing the American government’s commitment an independent Palestinian state, Israel ministers were arguing for the exact opposite position. Interior Minister Eli Yishai openly stated: “the preferable course of diplomatic action at this time is two economies for two peoples, not two states for two peoples.” He spoke in support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu/s idea for economic development in lieu of creation of a Palestinian state. Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz rejected the two state solution and claimed “the Annapolis outline has failed and is no longer binding.”

Labor MP Yuli Tamir, expressed a touch of reality by noting: “it is rapidly emerging that the government has no understanding of our international context and is putting us on a collision course with Europe and the US. The entire world supports Annapolis while Israel alone singles itself out as a dissenter.”

On which planet are the people of Israel living? Perhaps, remaining in a bunker makes one feel secure but eventually, one must go up into reality. What are the people of Israel thinking?

When Is Peace Not Peace?

Israel’s new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to President Mahmoud Abbas concerning his desire for peace with Palestine and said he wanted to work closely with Arab leaders. However, this man who seeks “peace” refuses to accept the idea of a Palestine state nor will he even consider the idea that Israel settlers must leave the West Bank. But, Benjamin Netanyahu wants peace! Abbas had called to wish a happy Passover and the two men spoke for a few minutes in a friendly manner. However, the man of peace from Israel so far has only spoken of helping Palestinians to develop their economy but when the idea of a Palestinian state is raised, it is met with silence.

Most probably Netanyahu believes “peace” is when Palestinians accept his view they should not have a state but should depend on the good will of men of good will like Benjamin Netanyahu. Of course, the Israel leader’s appointment of Avigdor Lieberman who is a blatant racist to the position of Foreign Minister is undoubtedly his way of conveying a desire for peace.

Obama Gets Ready To Clash With Netanyahu

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman has yet to grasp that George Bush is no longer president of the United States and President Barack Obama wants peace in the Middle East even if it means telling Israel to take a step into reality and get out of its bunker mentality. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the mouth that roars nonsense insists Israel is not bound by prior agreements such as the Annapolis agreement and mumbles about it is “time for new ideas.” Of course, his concept of “new ideas” means rejecting any Palestinian views and desires. He accused those who criticize his opposition to the Annapolis agreement s “trying to build a Galut state instead of a Jewish state, that would give up the national interest and honor.”

The American State Department quickly responded to remarks by the Israel foreign minister. Spokesperson Robert Wood made clear the Obama administration is committed “to the two state solution” and special envoy George Mitchell will be visiting the area to reinforce that belief.

Israel still does not understand that most American Jews will support Obama’s views in support of a two-state solution. George Bush is in Texas, not the White House.

Hamas Uncertain About Future Relations With Israel

A senior official with Hamas indicated his organization was confused concerning future relations with Israel because of that nation’s uncertain governmental structure. Foreign Minister Livni has been attempting to organize a coalition government which would continue efforts of the present Olmert government regarding the Palestine issue. Mahmoud al-Zahar said the Hamas offer of a truce was not canceled, but since ‘there is no one to talk about this proposal with on the other side” it leaves issues unsettled. He indicated the concept of a long term truce was a “project that can be developed when there are intentions” on the other side.
The late spiritual advisor of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin, suggested a twenty year truce without any recognition of the Israel state.

A few days ago, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh agreed to accept the idea of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. It is now apparent all Palestinian leaders and Arab nations are willing to accept a truce with Israel based on the 1967 borders. The ball is now definitely in the court of Israel.

Hamas Accepts 1967 Palestinian Border

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashjaal said his organization recognizes the border of 1967 that describes the boundaries of a Palestinian state even though he refused to recognize the existence of Israel. Obviously, if the Palestinian state does not comprise the entire area then there must be another nation in the immediate presence. “There is a Palestinian document and in it all orgnizations say they agree to a state in the 1967 borders.” He apparently was citing the National Reconciliation Document which was signed by various Palestinian factions. Although the document calls for creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem it does not explicitly recognize the state of Israel.

Certainly, this is sufficient to engage Hamas in dialogue concerning the establishment of a Palestinian state. Obviously, one problem is the presence of Israel settlements on the West Bank which was supposed to be part of the 1967 Palestinian nation. Is the ball now in the court of Israel?

Sarkozy Backs Palestinian State And Israel’s Security

French President Nicolas Sarkozy while visiting Algeria came out strongly for the creation of an independent Palestinian state. “it is from a feeling of injustice,’ said Sarkozy, “that the terrorists derive their greatest strengths. Depriving the Palestinians of a nation is an injustice that France will not accept.” He also made clear in his talk with Algerian students ‘that Israel has a right to live in security” and failure to allow that to occur might also be construed as an injustice. While in Algeria, the French president signed a nuclear cooperation accord with Algeria and urged peaceful sharing of nuclear energy between Europe and Muslim nations. Sarkozy also told them Paris would host a conference on December 17 to raise money for the Palestinians. throughout his three day visit, Sarkozy has made clear that French colonial rule of Algeria was wrong and as he put it, “I have not come to deny the past. But, I have come to say that the future is more important.” Several times in his speech, the French leader made clear his opposition to racism, to anti-semitism and to anti-Muslim ideas.

President Sarkozy is doing an important thing by openly speaking of the need for Israel to have security as a nation while also ensuring that Palestine is an independent nation. Those who preach anti-Muslim feeling are no different from those who support anti-semitism.