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Is Marwan Barghouti A Possible Palestinian Mandela?

In an interview with Egyptian Daily Star reporter, Mazai Mualen, the Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, raised the dramatic question of whether or not it was time for Israel to consider releasing from jail Marwan Barghouti, the popular leader of Palestinians. Barghouti has been held in jail for several years due to his participation in several murders of Israeli civilians. “I say,” said Eliezer, “there is no need to be alarmed and that it is possible to talk about the possibility of releasing him.” He added that Barghouti may well be the only leader who is respected by both Hamas and Fatah supporters. He argued, “if talking with Barghouti results in him leading the Palestinians tin the direction of making Hamas knuckle under, then that is what counts.”

Minister Eliezer is raising an issue that must be asked, who is the best person to assume the role played by Nelson Mandela in getting two angry opposing sides to bargain in constructive ways? Barghouti was convinced of cold blooded killings and they will remain a stain on him forever. However, there are indications prison life has brought about changes in his views and apparently has persuaded him it is time to adopt realistic solutions in gaining a compromise agreement with Israel. He apparently is the only Palestinian leader who can get Hamas to abandon its terrorism and refusal to recognize Israel. Eliezer is correct in urging taking a gamble because only a gamble offers the best opportunity for peace.

Al Jazeera Poll Reveals Distrust Of Bush

During the past week, Al-Jazeera conducted a poll among Arabs in several nations regarding how the public views the upcoming George Bush sponsored Middle Eastern peace conference to discuss the Israel-Palestinian situation. Of those surveyed, 95.8% said the conference would fail and that nothing would be done to create an independent Palestinian state or deal with the refugee problem.

The only consolation for President Bush is that at least 4.2% of respondents have faith in his ability to bring peace to the Middle East. The poll merely reflects how respect for America has reached new lows in the Middle East and nothing will change them these attitudes until George Bush leaves office.

Israel Attacks In Gaza To End Rocket Launches

The Israel Defense Force continued its attempt to wipe out Palestinians who are sending rockets into Israel. A reported 11 terrorists were killed in missile attacks, but apparently about a dozen civilians were also killed or wounded. President Mahmoud Abbas urged Palestinians to unite in the face of Israel’s “abuse, aggression and war crimes” while Hamas leaders promised Israel would pay for its attacks in Gaza. israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak is warning there might be a “broad and complex operation in Gaza.”

The US upcoming Middle Eastern Conference appears doomed before it even begins. Both sides are trading insults and resorting to violence because apparently violence is the only measure which provides a sense of accomplishment. This is the time for America to insist Israel “stand down” and Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations must demand that Hamas and other groups end rocket attacks. Those rockets are coming from Middle Eastern nations and they must be halted.