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Netanyahu Once Again Endangers Peace!

The people of Israel continually insist the world is against their nation and everything they do is criticized because they are Jewish. After the fiasco of attacking Turkish ships, the Obama administration did all in its power to mitigate international anger and work with Prime Minister Netanyahu in an effort to improve Gaza conditions. So, how is Obama being rewarded for refusing to join in world wide anger toward Israel? Once again, Bibi Netanyahu placed a knife in the back of President Obama by announcing that 22 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem would be demolished to make way for a tourist center. This step is bound to create renewed fury, make difficult holding peace discussions with Palestinians, but to the Israeli religious right controversy and insults of Palestinians are necessary. Why? If Palestinians are angered, it eventually results in comments from world leaders. Those comments provide proof to Israelis the world hates Jews.

US State Department spokesperson, P.J. Crowley told the Israel government such actions are just the step which harms efforts toward peace. Naturally, the Israel government insists the entire project is an attempt to improve lives of Palestinians. Yes, destroy their homes, do not offer them new homes in the district, yes, this is just the type of “help” needed by Palestinians.

Israel Must Redefine Meaning of Concessions

Listen to any member of the Netanyahu government and initial words are “there is no partner among Arabs for discussion.” Prime Minister Netanyahu invariably complains about Palestinians demanding “preconditions” like discussion of east Jerusalem while he insists Israel control of the West Bank is a starting point for “mutual concessions.” His administration has been selling the Israel public a version in which former prime minister Ehud Olmert “gave up everything” when negotiating with Palestinian leaders. The UN partition plan clearly placed the West Bank under control of Arabs, but to the Israel government withdrawing from even an inch of “their West Bank” is perceived as a major concession. There is little doubt Palestinian leaders will accept having a part of the West Bank remain under Israel control, but that “concession” is not regarded as anything other than admitting the West Bank mainly belongs to Israel.

Fifty years ago, not a single Arab nation was willing to recognize the existence of the state of Israel, but today, the Arab League, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority accept that reality, but Israelis still insist there is “no one willing to negotiate with us.” Peace is possible if Israel will enter the realm of reality and cease living in a world that no longer exists.

Will Israel Leaders Rejoin Planet Earth?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent the past year listening to the voices of his neo-conservative friends at Commentary who believed Barack Obama was wounded and that people such as Sarah Palin and the Tea Party spoke for the American people. Bibi ignored pleas from President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to pursue the road of peace with Palestinian leaders. Bibi appointed incompetent people to his Cabinet such as Avigdor Lieberman and pursued the path to building settlements in order to please right wing religious zealots in Israel. He spent scant time examining American military issues in the Middle East that cried out for peace with Palestinians in order to strip militants of a rallying cry among Muslim masses. Netanyahu never realized when it comes down to protecting American military members, ALL Americans, including American Jews, will take a stand for peace.

Haaretz in an editorial urged the people of Israel to carefully examine an American plan for peace with Palestine. “The possibility that the United States will propose a plan of its own and seek to convince the sides to accept it, or even impose it, is not the worst of all possibilities.” Step one if for Netanyahu to reach out to Tzipi Livni and the Labor Party in order to form a “coalition for peace.”

President Obama reportedly is suggesting a four month freeze on housing in East Jerusalem which offers an excellent starting point for negotiations that might work. It might also be interesting for Israel to ask Turkey to mediate in negotiations with Syria. These are steps for peace, steps that Sarah Palin and Tea Party nuts never will because these shrill voices are only concerned with spreading hate and have no interest in peace for Israel.

Just Say No Is Israel Platform For Peace!

President Mahmoud Abbas who heads the Palestinian Authority told Obama’s representative it will be easy to resuming peace with negotiations with Israel if its leaders will place a freeze on housing development in the West Bank. Their behavior is “unacceptable, and destroys all efforts” of US former senator George Mitchell “to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.” The response of Prime Minister Benjamin is invariably, “no.” At a tree planting ceremony in the West Bank, he told the audience, “we are planting here, we will stay here,” and this area will be an “inseparable part of the state of Israel for eternity.”

Most realist diplomats acknowledge Israel will be allowed to keep small portions of the West Bank which contain a large majority of its Jewish settlers. Negotiation begins with never saying “never.” It is time for Israel to extend the hand of peace and surrender its negative attitude.

It’s Not Us, It’s Them, Argues Israel Leader!

The most important quality of effective leadership is having those in positions of authority who are able to analytically examine decisions and identify both strengths and weaknesses. Military Intelligence Chief Amos Yadlin, said Israel has been successful in curbing violence, and, in so doing has caused he world to turn against it. “The paradox of he current situation is that one of the primary sources that has led to the discussion on Israel’s legitimacy is precisely its success against terror.” He argues the absence of terror attacks has made it easier for international organizations to accept claims against Israel’s security decisions.” Yadlin is upset because the Palestinian Authority is urging pressure on Israel to engage in peace negotiations.

Where to begin with this confused, ignorant explanation of the past or present? For the first time since 1948, Arab and Palestinian leaders HAVE ACCEPTED THE LEGITIMACY OF THE ISRAEL STATE!! Where does Yadlin get evidence to the contrary? For over fifty years, Israel leaders have complained they could not get Palestinians to the bargaining table, and now Yadlin is arguing his nation is being forced to do what it has claimed for fifty years is its primary goal!!

He also blames Turkey for turning away from Israel, but there is no mention about the stupid invasion of Gaza which was the factor turning Turkey against Israel. When will Israel leaders emerge who can objectively discuss issues without immediately becoming defensive?

Israel Police Arrest Human Rights Protestors

Israel’s security forces have no problem when West Bank settlers protest in the streets or yell hatred toward Palestinians since they represent the truth, or, at least the truth as seen by the current government. On Friday, Israel police arrested 15 left wing protestors who have been conducting weekly meetings to make clear their support of the rights of Palestinians whose homes are being seized by Jews. Police claimed the protest had not received official sanction and thus since it was illegal, they had a right to arrest those engaged in the demonstration. Civil rights activists insisted they had a right to protest in public concerning their support for Palestinians.

According to police the protestors were anarchists and leftists which is a serious issue in modern Israel. Of course, those who created the state of Israel often belonged to left wing organizations and many were socialists. I guess the founders of Israel in the modern state would wind up behind bars.

IDF Warned-Beware Ugly Americans

The Israel Defense Force has been warned by the government to avoid making planned arrests if any American diplomats are in the vicinity in order to pretend that Israel does not harass Palestinians. “We were told that the situation with the Americans is sensitive and that it is not desirable that operations are conducted that would lead to violent situations when they(the Americans) are there”according to an Israel officer.

The United States is not interested in preventing the IDF from carrying out legitimate operations dealing with actual terrorists, but the Obama administration wants an end to senseless harassment of Palestinians and preventing them from going on with their normal lives. That is termed, acting with decency and respect for the rights of people.

Ehud Barak: Support US Peace Efforts!

Israel Defense Minister, among the few in the Cabinet who has a sense of reality, emphasized the importance of his nation doing everything in its power to work in a cooperative way with President Obama. He noted American representatives have been working with both Arab and Israelis and “they will present their plan for a regional peace. I believe that Israel must join in on the up-swing.” Of course, Israel must confront certain realities such as demands by Syria for a pull-back to 1967 lines and from Palestinian leaders that 1967 borders must be respected.

The bottom line is Israel must choose from focusing on the present and immediate past or working toward an enduring peace that results in Israel becoming an integral part of the Middle East with full diplomatic and economic equality with all other nations. Yes, Arabs have refused in the past to recognize Israel, but the Arab League has already agreed to grant that recognition in exchange for peace based on 1967 lines.

The people in Ireland worked over a half century in order to secure peace and each side could trot out its anger at lies told by the opposition. But, in the end, rational thinking prevailed and peace was achieved.

Which Comes First –End Settlements Or Talk?

The Israel-Palestine conflict increasingly resembles an old vaudeville act in which each side insists the other make the first move toward peace. The current assessment in Jerusalem is serious negotiations will not resume until the Obama administration is able to work out an agreement with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the West Bank expansion of settlements issue. The US State Department has send invitations to various Arab leaders urging their support in order to foster a peace agreement in the Middle East. Mitchell is seeking some dramatic event from Arabs that would place Netanyahu in a situation in which he must take positive steps for peace.

A major problem is lack of visionary leadership from either Israel or Arab nations. Mundane leaders display mundane attitudes and are unable to make a move that captures attention of the world that sets in motion action toward peace.

Israel Haters Smear Obama Speech

We define an “Israel Hater” as one who urges the nation of Israel to pursue policies that only reinforce isolation and prevent the Jewish people from uniting with their Palestinian brothers and sisters. President Obama made an eloquent explanation of the meaning of the Holocaust and anyone with an iota of brain power understood he was making clear to President Ahmadinejad of Iran and those in the Muslim world who deny the Holocaust that such thinking lacks an historical background. He also spoke of the plight of Palestinians who suffer under the rule of an Israel occupation army that denies people their right to self determination. Rush Limbaugh, the great defender of truth lashed out at Obama for comparing the Holocaust to the suffering of Palestinians. No such comparison was ever made in the speech, but to those who hate Israel and wish it to remain in an isolated position living in constant fear, the very mention that Palestinians have suffered is enough to prove a speaker hates the Jewish people.

In this blog I vigorously attacked Professor Robinson for specifically making a comparison between the Holocaust and the Gaza invasion. President Obama became the first American leader who has spoken out publicly against Israel policies which prevent the people of Gaza from enjoying freedom of movement and policies that illegally seize land of Palestinians. The Palestinian people have suffered, they have endured what Obama termed the indignities that any people under occupation must encounter. That does NOT mean the Israel government has a policy to kill Palestinians or to force them into starvation.

It is a sad day when any Jewish liberal or any supporter of Israel has to rely on the likes of Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman for truth. Barack Obama spoke honestly, he was critical of Muslim extremists and he was critical of certain policies of the Israel government. He made clear American ties with Israel were unbreakable. But, Republican smear artists seek to arouse fear and hate by claiming Obama connected the Holocaust to Israel actions toward Palestinians. These Republicans seek votes, not the truth. These Republicans seek to continue the current impasse in the Middle East, not to forge new bonds of friendship.