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Israeli Jihadists Strike At Palestinian Drivers

The Israeli government maintains accurate records of attacks by Palestinians on their citizens but for some reason attacks by Israelis on Palestinians is not always recorded. Palestinian drivers were proceeding on their journey when suddenly they were attacked by stone throwing West Bank settlers who believe God has ordained they must remain in the area regardless of the cost to themselves or other humans. Medics said two Palestinians were taken to the hospital as a result of stoning, and the culprits fled into their settlements where they can declaim and denounce any effort to achieve peace with the terrorist Palestinians.

Settlers have warned the netanyahu government they will not peacefully accept any form of destruction of their homes because it is stated in the Torah that Israelis have a right to build houses anywhere in the area now known as Palestine. Naturally, with such attitudes it makes impossible any peaceful settlement with Palestinians.

We hope the Israel government releases figures on attacks by settlers on innocent Palestinians.

Netanyahu Speaks Truth About His Views

Prime Minister Netanyahu is no longer in America and no longer has to gaze into the eyes of President Obama so the real Benjamin took center stage. At a stare ceremony marking Jerusalem Day, he said: “Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided.” He emphasized that only under rule of Israel can there truly be freedom of religion for all people in the city of Jerusalem. Earlier in the day, President Peres made similar remarks. “Jerusalem is held sacred by half mankind(but)it has been and always will be Israel’s capital. We never had another and it has never been the capital of any other people.”

Netanyahu emphasized he had told Obama about his views regarding Jerusalem. The question unanswered is exactly what does Prime Minister Netanyahu wish to negotiate with Palestinian leaders now that he has taken Jerusalem off the table and the West Bank off the table and return of refugees off the table, so what’s left to discuss?

President Obama has a tough problem on his hand because the real Benjamin Netanyahu does not wish to negotiate, he wishes to inform Palestinians what he will grant them as part of a settlement.

Abbas Rejects Concept Of A Jewish State

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas strongly rejected the notion there was anything such as an Israeli Jewish state. “A Jewish state, what is that supposed to mean? You can call yourselves as you like, but I don’t accept it and I say so publicly.” Abbas insisted the topic was extensively discussed at the Annapolis conference in 2007 and rejected by Palestinian representatives. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded Palestinians accept the concept as part of an eventual peace deal. The Israel Foreign Ministry reacted to comments by Abbas by saying, “recognition of Israel as the sovereign state of the Jewish people is an essential and necessary step in the historic process of reconciliation between Israel and Palestinians.”

There are two issues inherent in using the expression, “a Jewish state.” One, certainly pertains to Arabs who live in Israel and constitute at least fifteen percent of the population. Where does such a statement leave them as citizens and as humans? Second, there is need to resolve issues relating to Palestinian refugees. The Netanyahu demand is merely a cover to create problems in resolving conflicts with Palestinians. Israel can call itself what it desires but it can not force its own citizens, let alone others, to abide by that concept.

Jews in the United States of America represent less than 2% of the population. We are pleased that Americans do not refer to the USA as a Christian nation.

It’s Them, Not Us, Asserts Israeli Leader

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asserted his nation was prepared to sign a treaty of peace but Palestinians were unable to get together in order to achieve peace in the Middle East. “If we have not reached (this agreement) by now, this is–first and foremost–the result of Palestinian leaders’ weakness, lack of will nd lack of courage in reaching an agreement. Everything else is excuses and attempts to divert attention from the main issue.” The assumption of the prime minister is that a fair offer has been placed on the table, but Palestinians do not wish to cooperate. He cited offers made by prior Israeli prime ministers like Ehud Barak who were willing to give up major portions of the West Bank. Naturally, Olmert did not not mention his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu opposes giving any concessions to Palestinians.

The issue is not whether either side is willing to sign a treaty of peace. Of course, each would love signing one that gave them everything they desire. The real issue is the need for Israel to evacuate most West Bank areas, and the recent election witnessed victories for those political parties which oppose such a move.

Hillary Clinton Talks Honest And Tough With Israel!

During the past eight years, George Bush allowed Israeli leaders to do as they wished under the pretense their actions were in the interests of “security” even though many violated international law. George Bush was the greatest enemy to the people of Israel because he supported actions that made peace in the Middle East impossible to achieve. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made clear a new administration is in power in Washington which intends to achieve Middle Eastern peace and this requires Israel to adhere to agreements and the law. Clinton sharply criticized the Israel decision to demolish homes in Arab East Jerusalem which she noted was a violation of Israel’s international obligations. “Clearly this kind of activity is unhelpful and not in keeping with obligations entered into under the ‘road map.’ It is an issue we intend to raise with the government of Israel and the government at the municipal level in Jerusalem.”

Palestinian leaders continually make clear the expansion of Israel housing on the West Bank destroys efforts to achieve peace in the region. These houses violate international law and make difficult the work of Arab moderates to achieve peace. Israel must evacuate all housing on the West Bank and reach out to Arab leaders in order to achieve peace in the Middle East. Hillary Clinton is for the first time in years proving to Muslims there is an even-handed approach to the Palestine-Israel conflict and she is urging more aid to Gaza.

Many Israelis will be upset at Clinton. They fail to realize George Bush did Israel more harm than any prior American president because he set no limits on what Israel could do. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the true friends of Israel!

Palestinians Can Gain From Israel Confusion

Among the tragedies of the Palestinian fight for an independent nation is the incompetent leaders who have guided the process to utter disaster. James Zogby, writing in Al-Ahram, argues Arabs can take advantage of the current confusion within Israel to gain political advantages for their own cause. The Israel government is divided and unable to organize any coherent political organization that might lead the nation. Ultra nationalist religious fanatics seek to transform what was once a secular state into one ruled by those who claim to be in direct contact with the Torah and God. Right wing parties control 65 seats in the Knesset which enables them to block any move toward a compromise peace. Benjamin Netanyahu understands the world of Washington politics which means Barack Obama must push for a compromise that Israeli right wingers do not wish to accept.

In this situation, it is clear Palestinians have everything to gain by presenting themselves as moderates in search of a compromise solution. This approach would compel Obama and Hillary Clinton to take their side and effectively isolate Israel from the support of either the United States or the European Union. If Hamas would announce its acceptance of the state of Israel and if Abbas would announce his willingness to compromise on the issue of refugee return, Israel is effectively boxed in and without outside allies. Can Palestinian leaders for once act with intelligence? That is the question.

Israel President Pleads For Peace

Shimon Peres, president of Israel finally talked bluntly and honestly to the Knesset by saying peace with Palestinians was the highest priority for the nation. A peace agreement with Palestinians will set the stage for regional peace and finally allow Israel to establish peaceful political and economic relations with other nations in the Middle East. “Peace will create a new economic reality–for us and our neighbors.” If Palestinians have a thriving economy they will be less interested in violence and supporting extremists. The original hope of Israel’s leaders was not only the founding of a homeland, but to establish peaceful relations with Arab neighbors.

The task of Benjamin Netanyahu is to adopt a realistic view of what his nation needs at this moment in time. This means creating a middle of the road government and rejecting the crazy ideas of people like Avigdor Lieberman.

Obama And The Middle East-Anything New?

Barack Obama inherited what might generously be considered to be a “mess” in dealing with conflicts within the Middle East. In an interview with al-Arabiya, the Saudi based rival to al-Jazeera, President Obama insisted his nation was not an enemy of the Muslim people and he promised to adhere to a “language of respect” in dealing with issues of concern to the Muslim people. He admitted mistakes had been made but did not delve into how Bush had fouled up the situation in the region. Many viewers were disappointed that he once again reaffirmed his nation’s support of Israel, but made no mention of the invasion of Gaza and the death of hundreds of civilians.

It is time for an American president to state openly and honestly that his nation has committed mistakes in the Middle East, and that peace between Israel and Palestinians requires concessions on the part of both parties. He must, at some point, tell the people of Israel they can not remain on the West Bank, but must return it to the Palestinian people and Israel must agree that east Jerusalem is the capital of the new Palestinian state. In return, Obama must make clear to Palestinians they can not lob rockets into Israel, and they must recognize its existence and end all forms of discrimination against Israel.

Israel May Suggest Land For Land

Danny Ayalon, former Israel ambassador to the United States believes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton might endorse a plan under which Israel would retain a larger area of the West Bank in exchange for giving up land i the Gaililee which contains a large Muslim population. He claimed to have discussed the idea with high officials of the Bush administration and believes they were supportive of the idea. Ayalon also expressed surprise that Palestinians do not want any Israeli settlers on the West Bank and termed such feelings as reflective of a refusal to compromise. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert recently proposed returning virtually all of the West Bank to Palestinians.

The bottom line is that Israeli settlers seeking inexpensive homes ventured into the West Bank and took land that did not belong to Israel. There is nothing to “exchange”because Israel can not exchange what it does not possess.

Engage Or Disengage With Israel?

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad urged the European Union not to upgrade relations with Israel because of lack of progress in Middle Eastern talks. There are rumors the European Union is discussing upgrading its relations with Israel which concerns Fayyad who says to do so is rewarding Israel for obstructing the process of peace. He pointed out the humanitarian crisis that exists in Gaza and failure on the part of the Israel government to West Bank settlers. “The message you will be sending to the Israel electorate is that the EU will upgrade its relations regardless of Israel’s behavior.”

The prime minister makes solid points concerning mistakes being made by Israel on the West Bank and it approach to dealing with Gaza. However, nothing is gained by keeping Israel at arm’s length. The greater is Israel’s involvement with the EU the greater it will become committed to work for peace. Get them into the tent of peace, don’t let them cluster outside becoming angry.