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A Modern Christmas Tale

The family was gathered for a Christmas gathering, there was laughter and songs and stories being told, but suddenly there came a knock on the door. A little girl ran anxiously to the knock, flung it open and there was Santa all dressed in red. However, instead of a merry Christmas from his mouth, a gun appeared and the girl was shot in the face. Santa then went into the house blazing away, shooting indiscriminately at those he once had loved and with whom he had shared joy. As people fled the house shouting in fear, Santa sprayed a liquid which set fire to the house. Bruce Pardo had just gone through a rough divorce and decided to use the holiday season to stage his rampage of hate. In the end, he got out of his Santa suit, drove to the house of his brother and killed himself. Police found eight bodies in the house as they arrived with firemen to put out the blaze.

It was just another Christmas tale. The holiday season brings millions together in love, but it also appears to unleash the forces of hate and anger. A few days before Christmas, Pope Benedict took the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ to launch a vicious attacks on gays and lesbians, surely not the time or place to utter words of hate. In the Christian nation of Zimbabwe, a mad man named Robert Mugabe holds millions hostage to his hate and children are starving. The force of love is always present at Christmas, but why does the force of hate show its face?