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Does Election Winner Lose The Election?

Latest figures indicate that Conservative Party leader, David Cameron will most likely be asked to form a government in England some time this month. His Labor rival is several points below his figure of 36% approval and the Liberal Democrats are close to 30%. However, Mervyn Conundrum, Governor of the Bank of England warned that whichever party wins this election, will suffer the wrath of the public because of tough economic austerity measures that must be taken. He believes this year’s winner will “be out of power for whole generation.” As soon as polls close this coming Friday it should be clear Cameron is the leader in vote count and members of Parliament.

Of course, it is also clear no single party is going to secure a majority in Parliament so either Gordon Brown or David Cameron will have to reach out to Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg in order to obtain a majority. Clegg several days ago indicated he will throw his votes behind which party obtained the largest number of votes.

If the Bank of England is correct, the best thing for Labor is to lose, lose, lose and await a return to power in a few years.

Headscarved Deputy In Belgian Local Parliament

As far as this blog writer knows, the Earth is still rotating around the sun, there are clouds in the sky, and humans continue to breathe the air in peace. But, for some who hate Muslims and deplore the idea that Muslim women can freely choose to wear a headscarf, this undoubtedly is a sad day. Mahinu Ozdemir, a 28 year old Muslim woman was freely elected to a local Belgian parliament and will wear the headscarf while doing her job as an elected official. She was one of six Belgians of Turkish heritage to win seats in local parliaments. Opponents claim that pictures of the attractive Ms. Ozdemir did not portray her wearing a headscarf and the entire electoral process was an attempt to dupe the Belgian public.

The issue as to whether Ms. Ozdemir displayed or hid her headscarf is rather irrelevant since anyone knew she was a woman of Muslim background and what she wears on top of her head is really of no concern. Would opponents be upset if a man who wore a beard shaved it off during an election campaign? Why are rules different for women than for men?

Egyptian Parliament Rejects Contacts With Israel

Forty years ago, the Israel government offered peace terms to Arab nations which were rejected even though what was offered then is now desired by the same Arab nations. The history of diplomacy in the Middle East is one example after another of failed opportunities on the part of Israel and Arab countries. Reuven Rivlin, speaker of the Israel Knesset invited Fathi Sorour, speaker of the Egyptian parliament to visit and discuss foreign policy issues, but the invitation was rejected. “As you know, the Egyptian parliament is against normalising relations with Israel and always takes the initiative in condemning its crimes against the Palestinians.” Yes, Israel committed a criminal action in its invasion of Gaza, but the only path to peace is talking and negotiating, not denying. Sorour’s denunciation of Israel policy toward Palestinians will win points in the Arab world, but how will it lead to peace with Israel?

Mustafa El-Feki, chairman of the People’s Assembly Foreign Relations Committee told Al-Ahram with pride about the recent verdict of the Administrative Justice Court which stripped Egyptians married to Israeli women of their nationality “as an example of rejection of any form of normalisation on a popular level.” This example only depicts the ignorance and anger of Egyptians, it does not reveal a sense of humanity toward its own citizens who are in love.

British Public, Jealous Lot, Snarls MP!

There are some among the British voting public who have rather weird ideas concerning their right to know what is happening in Parliament and how does their MP address their needs. Of course, this attitude is not shared by all members of Parliament. After all, they were elected to serve, and it is only fair that in return for this generous service on their part, the public should provide service to them in the form of money. Conservative MP, Anthony Steen, is upset about public demands to examine how money allocated to MPs for lodging should be subject to scrutiny by anyone other than the MP. He is furious at charges he misused $16,000 over a four year period on maintenance of his country estate, especially the 500 trees.

MP Steen charges the British public is simply “jealous” of his trees, “jealous,” he has a nice country home, and they have no right to snoop into his tax returns in order to find out how public money was spent. He is an MP for goodness sake, he would not abuse the public trust! It is at times such as these that one can only wonder why hard working men like Anthony Steen ever place their name on a ballot. Did the damn public expect him to take care of 500 trees? God Bless The Queen, and the money that goes with serving the public.

Pakistan Parliament Gets Truth About Military Situation

In a secret session, the Parliament of Pakistan was given a briefing by General Pasha, the new head of the ISI, who discussed in detail problems created by the presence of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in northwest regions of the country. He informed Parliament the Taliban had gained complete control of certain districts and the Pakistan army was trying to respond to this threat. Pasha told the MPs that Taliban terrorists brain wash young people in order to create a mind-set that is against the government and ready to die in the service of terrorism. A major problem continues to be created by influx of terrorist groups from Afghanistan. In contradiction to many American claims he said the rules of engagement clearly state only Pakistan forces can take action against targets in their nation. No permission has been given to American forces to strike into Pakistan.

General Pasha described a Taliban program of creating chaos by destroying gas and power installations. He also claimed some western groups were aiding the Taliban but did not specifically mention names to support his contention.

I Run Zimbabwe Declares Robert Mugabe

Under his benign rule, the nation of Zimbabwe has declined from a vibrant economy into one that is wracked by a Twelve Million percent inflation rate and 80% of the people living in poverty, but Robert Mugabe has absolutely no intention of giving up power. He ignored agreements to hold off opening Parliament before a power sharing agreement could be hammered out with Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change. After being heckled and booed in Parliament by MDC members, the determined president told his nation, “we shall be setting up a government. The MDC does not want to come in apparently.”

Mugabe is right on one point, the MDC does not wish to become part of a government in which the thugs who surround the president continue with their policies of looting the nation and beating up and torturing members of the opposition. They do not wish to become part of a supposed “power-sharing” agreement in which Mugabe continues wielding all the power and Tsvangirai is a show case placed in a powerless position. They do not wish to become part of a government which arrested three members of the MDC on trumped up charges.

Mugabe Defies Agreement, Opens Parliament!

President Mugabe was supposed to be in negotiations with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai on ways to organize a coalition government. Instead of keeping to the agreement that Parliament would not be summoned until a power sharing agreement had been reached, he went ahead with meeting with the new Parliament. As the president told the body, “landmark agreements have been concluded with every expectation that everybody will sign up,” his audience erupted into booing by MDC members and shouts of “Zanu-PF is rotten”(Zanu-PF is Mugabe’s party).

Mugabe simply could not avoid showing his true colors by having two MDC members arrested as they tried to take their seats in Parliament. In Mugabeland, democracy means if you agree with me, we will not beat the hell out of you and we will not throw you into jail where the torturers can practice democracy in action. Ironically, in a secret vote for speaker of the Parliament, MDC member Lovemore Moyo won by 110 to 98 votes. This indicates when allowed to vote in secret even members of the Zanu-PF don’t like their president.

Benazir Bhutto Will Designates Husband As Leader

The will of assassinated leader Benazir Bhutto is now being revealed to the public. In her will, Ms. Bhutto designates her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, as her successor in the role of Prime Minister of Pakistan and terms him “a man of courage and honour. He has the political stature to keep our party united.” Naturally, Zardari echoes the feelings of his dead wife by regarding himself as the perfect man to lead Pakistan in these difficult times if his People’s Party of Pakistan wins an electoral majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The history of Mr. Zardari reveals scant evidence of his brilliance or “honour” in leadership. He is a corrupt individual who has a reputation of hiring incompetents and those who want to join him in the task of using government for enrichment possibilities. Pakistan needs new leadership, not relics of the old corrupt era of the Bhuttos.