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Trials And Tribulations Of Billionaire Berlusconi!

In a world in which bankers and billionaires are blamed for making money by ripping off the public, it is unfortunate that honest, decent, fun-loving billionaires like Silvio Berlusconi are subjected to unfair attacks in the media. Of course, we refer to the few media outlets in Italy that he does not own. Prime Minister Berlusconi is a gorgeous man in his seventies who when walking down the street causes every female under forty to gaze in wonder at his butt or his head or something that every billionaire projects. OK, so there were dozens of gorgeous young girls at his parties. His enemies claim they claim because they were paid and wanted to enjoy the largesse of a billionaire. Silvio claims he is being subjected to unfair attacks because any fair minded person knows a gorgeous girl on seeing him enter the room just swoons in love and admiration for the man with the golden touch.

Patrizia D’Addario, who her friends hint is a lady of the night and received about a thousand dollars to attend a Berlusconi party wants to make clear the money had nothing to do with being at the party, she just wanted to soak in the masculinity and viagra power of the billionaire with the golden touch. Shame on the media for attacking a defenseless billionaire who only owns some media outlets in Italy, but does not control the world media.

It is time for the International Criminal Court to take up the unfair attacks on the innocent man with eyes only for beautiful gals. Should we condemn a man who enjoys the company of young beautiful women? After all, he just wants to be a big daddy to those with big busts.

Silvio Berlusconi– PM With Golden Touch And Caress

Silvio Berlusconi has vast wealth and a media empire which protects him against being attacked by opponents, but for some reason, the man with the golden touch just can not resist the touch of an attractive woman. Italian prosecutors are investigating a health kickback scandal which apparently is connected to lavish parties thrown at the home of Berlusconi. Patrizia D’Addario, claims to possess audio and visual records of her attendance at parties in which she was paid to be present. She was sent to the parties in order to assist two brothers gain important health care contracts from the government. Ms. D’Addario insists she was told by Prime Minister Berlusconi that he would help her and he was “a man of his word.”

One would believe a man with his wealth would not have to pay women to attend his parties, but this is Italy and Berlusconi is a man who can’t resist the touch of a woman. The question now is could he resist the touch of a man anxious for a contract?

Silvio Berlusconi– PM With Golden Touch And Caress

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s vast wealth and media empire has protected him against charges of impropriety or fraud, but there is increasing evidence something was amiss at the lavish parties he held for friends and young ladies on his getaway island. Italian prosecutors investigating a health kickback scandal have interviewed women who claim to have been paid to attend parties at the home of Berlusconi. Patrizia D’Addario, says she has audio and visual evidence about the night she spent at Berlusconi’s residence. The investigation revolves around two brothers, owners of a health company, who received an unusual number of contracts from government sources.

Ms. D’Addario’s main goal was to secure assistance to the health company, not to sleep with anyone. She claims Berlusconi pledged to help her and that he was “a man of his word.” Investigators have tapes in which arranging to pay for women to attend the Berlusconi parties is being discussed.

As someone who will never be a millionaire, let alone a billionaire, it is always confusing why those with vast wealth have to pay anyone to attend their parties. As for the payoffs and contracts, that issue is best left to investigators.