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A Voice Cries Out The Pain Of Iraq

Pat Tillman was a young man who had everything in life from a wonderful wife to milions of dollars and fame as an NFL player, but he gave up fame and fortune to go off and fight for his nation in the wilds of Afghanistan. On some lonely hill he was killed, unfortunately, by his own friends. George Bush lied about the death of Pat Tillman in order to milk some votes out of a patriotic pitch much to the chagrin of Pat’s parents. Now, his widow Marie is beginning to speak out about the importance of individuals taking a stand for their beliefs and she is using a foundation created by those who loved her husband. “To me the biggest part (of the foundation) is getting people to find out what they are pasionate about and what kind of impact they want to have in their life, and empowering them to get out there and do it. I think that’s how Pat lived his life.”

Pat Tillman was a man who cared about human justice and went to fight in a war he hoped furthered that quest. One can only wonder how he would have reacted to the Bush administration lying about the circumstances of his death in order to wave the flag and solicit votes. He died as he lived, fighting for human dignity. That is not something one can say about George Bush.