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Beatles And Israel – Palestine Conflict

During the heyday of the Beatles in the 1960s they were blamed for fostering drug use, for causing youth to abandon their morals and a host of other sundry problems, but never were they regarded as the cause of international conflict. Paul McCartney’s visit to Israel has unleashed a propaganda war between Muslims and Israelis over the implication of having a Beatle in your nation. Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor said McCartney’s visit was an historic event in human history. “When one of the most admired musicians in the world not only expresses his willingness to visit Tel Aviv, but also publicly talks about the positive things he’s heard about Israel, this is an Israeli diplomatic and PR success of the first order”

McCartney was warned by several Arab sources his visit to Israel might be his last because suicide bombers would try to kill him. Somehow, one can assume real issues such as construction of illegal housing on the West Bank or the chaos in Gaza might actually be viewed by all sides to the conflict as ranking higher on the priority list of things that deserve attention.

I guess Paul McCartney should hop into his yellow submarine and scoot for safety.