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Sudan Blames Darfur Situation On UN

The government of the Sudan has unleashed its notorious janjaweed forces to kill, rape and plunder the innocent people of Darfur, but continues to claim it is the innocent victim of UN refusal to cooperate in bringing peace to the region. Sudan’s UN envoy insists the fault for any delays in deploying peacekeepers to the country’s war-ravaged area lies with the United Nations, not with his government. Abdalmahmoud Abdalhaleem told the world, “If there are delays, it’s because of the UN,” and insisted a major source of blame lies with the “confrontational” attitude of the organization which “did not seek the cooperation of the government of Sudan.”

Lost in the rhetoric of lies is the reality Darfur is a vast geographical area whose infrastructure makes difficult deploying military units which must confront janjaweed units who know the area and with Sudan government assistance can move rapidly. Of course, the Sudan government is upset that its president is under indictment for war crimes. The reality is no action to bring peace to Darfur will succeed until there is a large scale air force which can oversee the region.