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Pedophiles Tend To Be Short Men-Huh?

A new study by Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health reports that men who crave sex with pubescent teenagers are shorter and this might be linked to conditions in the womb. The study found men were 2 cm shorter than the average Canadian man who stands about five feet ten inches. Psychologist James Cantor claims being a pedophile is linked to biological conditions. “What’s important about the entire branch of research is that it demonstrates pretty conclusively that it is indeed about how the body grows and how the brain develops.” He admitted there are still people who actually believe feelings toward young children is a learned behavior. Cantor said the study at the Centre dealt with 250-300 men who are “suspected” of being pedophiles. By the way, pedophile are more likely to be left handed.

In ancient Greece older men frequently had sexual interactions with younger boys, but Greek psychologists never made studies about short and tall men. There are many areas of the world in which people are much shorter than the 5 ft. 10 inch Canadians, but obviously, there have been no studies as to whether or not a society in which men average 5 ft 6 inches tall in height report shorter men being pedophiles. Frankly, these type of studies grasp for linkages and find ways to uncover linkages. Over the past hundred years Americans tended to be the tallest people in the world but that rank now goes to the Netherlands and Americans have slipped to about fifth place. Is there a connection between the shorter American males and the taller Dutch males about which group has more pedophiles?