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Iraq Pullout-16 Months, 18, Anyone Care?

The Pentagon is prepare to present the new president a variety of plans dealing with the pullout of American forces from Iraq. Barack Obama has called for the end of American troops in Iraq by the summer of 2010 and military planners are ready to offer him a plan that would meet his timetable. Department of Defense spokesperson, Geoff Morrell, said: “they will not begin to present him with options for the way forward in iraq or Afghanistan until he is commander in chief, but they are prepared to give him a range of options as soon as he is ready.”

The debate about the withdrawal is really much ado about nothing. There are dozens of military bases in Iraq which must be either dismantled or turned over to Iraqi armed forces. There is the need to move over a 140,000 troops out of the country and headed either to the United States, Afghanistan or elsewhere. To accomplish those tasks will take time, and, any plan will undoubtedly run into unexpected circumstances. The key issue is leaving Iraq whether it be in 16 or 18 or 22 months. Do the job of getting the troops out.