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Does Posing Nude By Teacher Constitute Teaching?

A young Kiwi teacher, Rachel Whitwell, decided to annoy her boyfriend, Steve Crow, who is a noted porn king promoter, by having pictures of herself in the nude printed in the Australian Penthouse magazine. Her rationale was, “I wanted to prove to everyone who thinks he’s a sleaze that they were wrong about him.” I assume there is a bit of logic in this explanation as to why a teacher decided to share with the world the entire view of her body without clothes, but, most probably due to my being at the age of 79, I am a bit confused. Mr. Crow told her to depart, she left and is now somewhat confused about exactly what went on in this love scenario.

The Australian Teachers Council has taken a stand about a teacher who allows her students to see nude pictures of herself and is taking action to remove her name from the teaching register. Ms. Whitwell is now upset that she can not teach. I don’t know about throwing her out of the teaching profession. She i one teacher who will have all eyes focused on her when she opens her mouth, and a lot more focused when she opens her blouse.

Sex Police Want To Control Military Reading

The sex police are at it again seeking to control reading habits of members of the military. Ten years after Congress banned sale of sexually explicit materials on military installations, dozens of religious and anti-porn groups are demanding removal of ‘Penthouse” and other such magazines which display the body of nude females. They are upset the Pentagon’s Review Board did not ban “Penthouse” and “Playboy.” Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., claims the military is skirting the intent of the law and added. “if soldiers want to read that stuff, they can walk down the street and buy it.”

I believe Congressman Bartlett has a wonderful idea. If American soldiers fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan want to purchase Penthouse or Playboy, they should simply walk down the street to the nearest al-Qaeda camp and purchase these items. At a time when basic liberties are being abridged this idiot congressman is worried about what men and women fighting for their nation read at night! Honestly, Mr. Bartlett, walking down the street in Baghdad, for any reason, can result in your death. In case you doubt this statement is accurate, why don’t you hop a plane to Baghdad and check out reading materials?