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Baha’i Threatened In Iran

Lost in discussions about Iran is any concern about the situation of the Baha’i sect which has many members in that nation. The Baha’i faith is viewed by Iranian officials as a heretical offshoot of the Muslim religion and since its inception during the 19th century its members have been persecuted and imprisoned. After the defeat of the Shah the new Muslim regime has increased its hostility toward Baha’is. During the past few weeks, six Baha’i leaders were arrested and sent to the notorious Evin prison which recalls similar events during the 1980s when several Baha’i leaders were executed on trumped up charges.

The Baha’i faith emphasizes a universality of people and works for world peace. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to their plight since Baha’is feel powerless to aid their fellow countrymen in Iran.

Roma In Rumania Object of Hatred

President Traian Basescu of Rumania reminded his nation that discrimination against members of the Roma community still exists and must be ended. In message made public as Romas celebrated their International Day, the president said, “although it is a day of celebration, we must not forget the primordial design of the moment and that it is drawing the attention of Romanian and European citizens alike on the problems affecting the Roma minority, of commemorating the victims of this community in the Holocaust and reminding everybody our duty to maintain the language and traditions of this minority.” He pointed out his nation has about 600,000 Roma citizens whose children frequently do not attend school and whose parents encounter discrimination at work or finding a place to live.

The plight of Roma citizens is ordinarily ignored by most people which is a factor in leading to the continual discrimination and persecution of these people.