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Arabian Gulf Or Persian Gulf Is The Question!

There are important issues in the world and there are unimportant issues in the world, but if you allow Arab nations to make that distinction the result is an impasse. Arab nations had planned on a sports event that would entail competition by athletes from various nations in the region, but there will be no sport competition due to the conflict over what to name the games. The Islamic Sports Federation called off the games that were to be held in Tehran when they discovered medals that would be awarded contestants had the name, ‘Persian Gulf” on the back instead of Arabian Gulf. The Federation noted this critical issue of humankind had been discussed at an assembly meeting several months ago, but Iran had chosen to disregard the agreement. In turn, Iranian leaders insisted it was and is the “Persian Gulf.”

Most probably the current conflict in Yemen in which Saudi Arabia is fighting Yemen rebels who are supplied by Iran is a factor in the childish dispute. Shiite Iranians already have banned pilgrims going to Makkah and Madinah because of activities by Saudi Arabian Sunni religious police who treat Iranians in an appalling manner.

Such is life in the Middle East. Israel’s foreign minister recently operated with the mentality of a five year old and now Arab nations are attempting to prove themselves as childish as the Jews.

What’s In A Name- Gulf Or Persian Gulf?

There is no end to the issues that divide people and nations in the Middle East, or, to be honest that divide people on planet Earth. For thousands of years, Iran has viewed the gulf which holds the key to its naval outreach as belonging to them so it was assumed the world would call this body of water, the “Persian Gulf.” Iran announced its withdrawal from the Islamic Gams scheduled for this fall because other Arab nations wanted to call the body of water, the “Gulf.” Saudi Arabia has led the drive to drop “Persian” and leave the other word in place.

Iran already has spent nearly $15 million preparing for the games, but according to the powerful speaker of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, the proposed name change risked harming relations in the region and Iran had to defend its sovereignty and dignity as a nation.

It is conflicts on planet Earth of such magnitude that ensure no aliens will ever visit this planet.