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Do Europeans Believe In Anything?

Many frequently compare modern times with its economic dislocation to the events of the 1930s. Ironically, as the Depression rolled over the world there were competing ideologies and groups with rigid beliefs who thought themselves in possession of the truth. A recent survey in Hungary exemplified the lack of passionate belief in anything other than a sense of disillusionment with the prevailing government. The survey revealed 36% supported the current government and 12% supported the opposition, but no party had support from a majority of the electorate. Over half wanted the present parliament to be dissolved and 80% want a new election. But, there is no indication, based on what people tell interviewers, that a significant number of people want X or Y as their political party. It is akin to a “pox on all you politicians.”

The world is seeking answers at a time when virtually every ideology has lost favor with a majority of the population. It is as though ideas have disappeared in the vortex of time and there is simply a hole that goes on and on. Does the world need a new guru, and if that person arrived, would anyone pay attention?