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Students -Don’t Mess Around In Mr. Harvey’s Class!

It was just another day in the science class of Peter Harvey, a teacher in a school in England. A girl began to fool around with the window blind and he could not get her to halt. He shouted for her to stop, and when she did not, Mr. Harvey yelled and then yanked her away. She left the room in tears. He then got into an argument with a boy who was fooling around with a ruler which he used as a pretend sword. Mr. Harvey told him to knock it off and the boy halted only to grab a bunsen burner stand which led to more shouting. The teacher had enough and grabbed the boy, threw him to the ground and began hitting him in the head with a dumbbell. The boy wound up with a fractured left temple as the blows hit him and the voice of his teacher repeatedly said, “die, die, die.”

In the court case a female student testified she had talked with Mr. Harvey earlier in the period and told him she thought he was having a mental breakdown and that students were terrified of him. To those who have never taught, this case comes across as a mentally ill man goring berserk. After 50 years of teaching I understand how one can finally lose hope and allow emotions to surface from the unconscious. Yes, Mr. Harvey is mentally unstable, but pressure can get to anyone in the world of teaching.