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After Surge — What Next America?

William H. McMichael, writing in the Army Times, argues

Geneeral Petraeus will be recommending some sort of reduction whether in troop size or length of deployment. Many observers doubt if there can be a significant reduction in troop size within the coming year because a new upsurge in militant action would be disastrous for any Republican candidate for the presidency. If troops are withdrawn and violence escalates, is there a plan regarding how to handle such a situation?

George Bush has been a master at getting America involved in war and conflict. So far, there is no evidence he has the slightest idea how to extricate America from the problems he creates by blindly following his gut reactions about danger. There is no question it will take years before Iraqi forces can control their nation and defeat any militant outbreaks.
Will the next American president be prepared to continue large scale troop deployment for years to come?