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Taliban Down-US Down In Pakistan!

During the past year, the Taliban has lost the support of a high percent of the Pakistan population due to their actions in places like the Swat Valley. Pictures and stories about flogging women or killing innocent men as well as the general thug attitudes of enforcing one’s will upon a population has resulted in Pakistanis finally securing an objective understanding of what life under the rule of Talibans would entail. Pew Global Attitudes discovered in its survey that 70% of Pakistanis oppose the militants. In 2008, only 33% of Pakistanis had negative attitudes toward the Taliban. The bad news is that 64% don’t particularly like the United States.

The only bright news in the survey was that about 53% of Pakistanis would like to see an improvement in their relations with the United States. Most probably an economic thrust by the United States would be welcome in Pakistan even more than more military aid.

Few Americans Know True Cost Of Iraq War

Fewer Americans have accurate information regarding the number of casualties suffered in the Iraq war by its fighting men and women. In a recent Pew poll, only 28% said that about 4,000 Americans had died in combat which was a dramatic drop from last August when 54% knew the death rate was about 3,500. In previous Pew polls, at least half had fairly accurate estimates as to casualty figures. In the new poll, about a third said 3,000 had died and 10% estimated the figure at 2,000. Poll results merely reflect the dramatic shift in America to concern with the economy as their number one priority.

Perhaps, a more tragic figure would be the percent of Americans who have any idea as to the number of Iraqi civilians who have died since the invasion of their nation by the US military. How many Americans have any idea about the lack of electricity or lack of basic public services available to the average Iraqi citizen? The war in Iraq has been among the most under-reported in terms of what is happening inside the country.

Most probably ten years from now, the American people will be subjected to movies and TV programs dealing with the human cost of the Bush fiasco in Iraq.