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Philippine Truce Broken By Both Sides

The fragile truce between government forces and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MLF) apparent has been violated by both sides in the conflict. Abdurahman Macapar, Commander Bravo, issued a defiant challenge to government forces daring them to confront his men. “We are prepared to trade fire with them until we are decimated. If they cannot finish us, we will finish them.” Commander Bravo does not necessarily reflect the views of other MLF leaders who are working to establish a peace agreement with the government. Leila de Lima, of the
Commission on Human Rights, called for a ceasefire and accused both sides of truce violations. Ironically, both sides did agree to a ceasefire only to disregard their own signatures.

This is a war that has been going on for decades. UN and American diplomats urged the MLF to respect civilians and to adhere to UN guidelines on refugees. Unfortunately, there appears to be slight chance voices of reason will overwhelm those of violence.