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Phoebe Prince Killers Charged With Crimes

Phoebe Prince and her parents arrived in the United States last year after leaving Ireland in quest of a new life in what supposedly was available in Massachusetts. Little did Phoebe know what awaited a sensitive young girl who is thrust into the vicious world of teenage hooligans. She apparently made an error in dating a popular football player for a few weeks which somehow translated into an assault upon the sacred world of S. Hanley High School “in crowd” girls. They began a blatant campaign to drive Phoebe from the school. As District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel described it the process culminated in a “nearly three month campaign of verbal assaultive behavior and threats of physical violence.”

Football player Sean Mulveyhill has been charged with statutory rape and violation of civil rights along with other boys and girls. The unanswered question is where were school officials? As one who has taught for fifty years, all I can say is there is no excuse for teachers failing to pick up on such behavior toward one of their students.

It would be beneficial if the district attorney charged school officials with assisting criminal behavior.