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Call Me If You Want Recipe For Disaster!!

There is one phone call that President Obama will NOT be making in the coming months. Former president George Bush said “if he wants my help he can pick up the phone. I want my president to succeed. I love my country a lot more than I love politics. I’m not going to spend my time criticising. There are plenty of critics in that arena.” Of course, this is the man who placed country above politics and allowed a mud slinging campaign that claimed a former US senator who had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam was not a trustworthy person who cared about his nation. This is a man who made NO effort to reach out to Democrats after 9/11 in order to have a unified nation unlike President Franklin Roosevelt who appointed prominent Republicans to high positions in government as World War II began.

George Bush warned President Obama against relying on government to solve the economic crisis. Wait a second. Isn’t this the president who authorized massive government expenditure to help save banks and business organizations. In the world of Bush, if he supports large government expenditures, it is because he wants to support “risk takers” like the leaders of AIG or GM who fouled up their organizations.

Naturally, the reflective man from Texas has no new reflections on Iraq. He was right, critics were wrong, and one day, mark his words, they will find the ever elusive WMD.