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Japanese Teacher Keeps Alive Anti-War Spirit

The Japanese government has been negligent in its presentation of World War II, particularly as it relates to actions of Japanese military forces and their brutality. Chie Miyagi, an English teacher in Okinawa has written, “A Letter From Okinawa” which depicts the battle of Okinawa during which the Japanese military ordered civilians to kill themselves rather than surrender to the Americans. Ms. Myiyagi’s story is really that of her mother who happened to be serving as a nurse and escaped the Okinawa events. However, her own parents died in this manner. Ms. Miyagi is endeavoring to assist her students deal with their nation’s past even as World War II events disappear from their memories.

Ms. Myigai was assisted in writing the English language picture book by Professor Peter Simpson of Okinawa International University. Professor Simpson notes that “in Okinawa, the memory of the war, especially among young people is fading. Even the antiwar kind of culture is under threat.

For those interested in securing a copy of her book, please contact: Okinawa Jiji Publishing Co. phone: 098 854-1622